Capone is a breakthrough comedian that was taken under the wings of big name, respectable celebrities and entrepreneurs, Shaquille O’Neal, Russell Simmons and Damon Dash. Not only is he over-the-top HILARIOUS, his personality is captivating, extremely welcoming, with stud swag but also VERY big hearted. He is so humble and down to earth that the very first time I spoke to him, he called me, and I thought I was speaking to someone else that I actually know pretty well. He got me good. I thought I would die laughing!!!

He turned his life around and made BIG things happen the right way. He was handpicked by some GREATS, he has done GREAT things, and I see even GREATER things arising from Comedian Capone in the years to come.

– La Tasha K. Mason

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Not many people decide to leave the street life after a short stay in jail. They especially don’t do so without something significant like a major come-up (becoming a big-time rapper) or losing someone behind their actions. How did you just walk away?

Well, after one day in jail I knew that was not the life I wanted to lead, so I walked away before I may have been carried away.

Rumor has it that your original profession was cutting hair. Tell me about Capone the barber. Without the barber side of you, we never would have met the comedic you. Tell us how Capone the barber became Comedian Capone…

Yes, it’s true. I am a master barber as well as a few other things I learned to do. The barber shop is always a good place to interact with people and snapping or talking about people was my thing, so I guess you can say the barber shop did help.

Your barber gig was just a side gig back in the day. You actually were working as a home attendant for the mentally challenged. It takes a special type of person with much compassion and patience to work with someone who is mentally challenged. Why did you choose that line of work and how has it impacted your life?

Well, working with the mentally challenged was just a job at first but after working in this field it has made me so humble and appreciative in so many different ways.

How does someone appear on the radars of heavy hitters like Shaq and Russell Simmons? What was it like when you received the first calls from them, what is it like working with them and how does it feel being their #1 pick in comedy?

It feels great to have Russell Simmons & Shaq in your corner pushing you but there are some people who also deserve equal credit for some of my success and that’s Mr. Bob Sumner and my manager, Susan De’Pass, and Damon Dash and Code Black who gave me a shot when most would not.

Russell Simmons is a very influential person that profoundly changes the lives of those he encounters. Has your experience working with him changed your life and has his philosophy on giving inspired you?

Hell yea! Russell has taught me a lot even when he was not trying to teach me. I love that dude not only for what he has done for me but what he has done for our culture.

Tell us about your African connection. I’ve been told that you receive the most requests to go to Africa.
How did you achieve that honor?

Yea, it still is one of the most amazing feelings to be asked to come out and perform 5 sold out shows in South Africa and to sell out every show with 5000 people. Every show was amazing and there were people crying because they could not get in. The Internet made me famous in Africa and promoter, Rougty, and my African brother, comedian David Kaw.

One thing I’ve learned about comedians is that you all always have a gig and are always doing spot dates or touring. Are you touring now?

Yes! I am I’m rocking on the Shaq tour.

What other comedians are on the Shaq tour and is Shaq at every show? Do you all snap jokes with Shaq?

Corey Holcomb, Gary Owen, DeRay Davis, and Michael Blackson are on the tour with me. Shaq attends some shows sitting up front and laughing his ass off. Yea, we all snap jokes with each other and Shaq.

Besides your success as a comedian, you are also the owner of 3 businesses and CEO of D. D. L. Enterprises. Give us the scoop on these business endeavors.

Well, to update on my business, I kinda let them go to really focus on my comedy and acting career but DDL, Inc. is the enterprise.

La Tasha: Admiral decision. When God calls, answer and MOVE on the blessing!

I’m watching your interview with VLAD TV, and she asked who you thought were the 5 wackest rappers. You said that even though you highly respect Jay Z’s business savvy, you are just now getting into his music. Why hadn’t his music caught your attention before and how did it recently grab your attention?

Well, to be honest, I’m really an old school rap lover and these new dudes are good, but I just don’t feel that new rappers can touch the lyrics that the old school dudes came up with. Now, as far as Jay Z, I respect his craft just but was not a big fan of his work at first. Now I know everyone will say I’m stupid, but it’s just my opinion which don’t mean shit to a man that sell millions.

You also mentioned Comedian J.B. Smoove in the interview and seem to have a great deal of admiration and respect for him. I’ll be featuring his wife, Shahidah Omar, in a couple of weeks. Give my readers an idea of what they can look forward to in my interview with her. Tell them why you admire her husband and what you think about Shahidah.

As far as J.B. Smoove’s wife, I really don’t know her, but I will say this about him, he is truly a comedian’s comedian. We all love his work. He is the type of guy that everyone wants to see him blow up. He is funny as hell.

Often times musicians, writers, directors, etc., say that most of their creations are basically art imitating life. Is that true for your comedy? I mean…you DID say that one of the jokes you’re most known for is that you eat “it” for the ladies until you burp. Is THAT true? LOL…See, I have jokes too. But seriously, do you pull your jokes from your real life experiences?

Yes, I do…and I do eat it til I burp. I’m gifted.

La Tasha: Our Gumbumpers will find this information interesting!

Have you ever used jokes to win over the ladies? If so, what type of things have you said?

I don’t know if it was my jokes…well, maybe. Me and my son’s mother was together for 13 years before we parted, and we met at one of my shows. But ladies now say I have a great smile.

La Tasha: You DO have a great smile.

You also mentioned that one of the worst jokes you ever heard was a joke of yours that someone told and messed it all up. Isn’t there some sort of code amongst comedians? Do people steal each other’s jokes often?

Yea, there is a lot of stealing comedy. I even got accused of stealing jokes, but I make sure most of my jokes come from my real life experiences. But cats still try to remix my shit.

Is there any subject matter, person or thing that you absolutely will not make a joke about? Who or what and why? Or is everything and everyone fair game? Explain…

I really don’t joke about handicap or the mentally challenged. Everything else is fair game.

Have you ever had any backlash from people in the audience, media, etc., for any of your jokes?

No…Not yet. LOL

Tell me about the work you do with youth. You teach them about the industry, finances and also how to manage their money. Through what platform are you providing your expertise? Do you have your own youth organization? What motivates you to selflessly give of yourself like this?

Yes, I teach a comedy class. It’s not only to the youth when we say young it’s being referred to young in the comedy game. It’s a free class that deals with all things about comedy as well as acting and learning about finances. Now why I do this is because when I was getting started so many doors closed in my face, and no one was really helping anyone. So, I made a promise to myself that if I ever got on I will always reach back to pull other talented people up.

La Tasha: LOVE it!

You have a huge heart it seems; you do an annual toy drive and bowling event to benefit underprivileged children. Walk me through your thought process while you’re making things happen for the kids. Tell me what goes on at one of these events. When and where is this held? How can people give to this cause?

My toy drive started as a small thing to help kids or parents that could not give their kids a good Christmas. I called on some of my celeb friends to bowl for toys, and it turned into the biggest toy drive in NY. It goes down once a year in Harlem Lanes where we take over the whole bowling alley. This year, we had enough toys to pack 12 trucks.

La Tasha: Amazing! You’re blessed to be a blessing.

What can we look forward to in 2012 from Capone?

All I can say is, God willing, you will be hearing so much more of Comedian Capone a lot more.

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