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I decided to write a feature on Britni Elise because she is a truly gifted, shining star on the rise. This young lady is about to take the world by storm. She was blessed with a beautiful voice and is one of few singers who can perform LIVE and sound amazing vocally even in the midst of dancing and entertaining her audience. My Twitter followers know that I highly admire Rev Run and follow him on Twitter. To hear what his group member, one of the all time GREATS, DMC had to say about Britni Elise as well as listen to her new single, “I Miss U,” quite simply had me in awe and further sparked my anxiousness to hear her album. After reading my exclusive interview with Ms. Britni Elise, you will understand what I mean!

Signed……… La Tasha K. Mason

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Peep the interview:

When did you first fall in love with music?

I’ve LOVED music since I was a little girl. My parents introduced me to music when I was two years old. When my father told me I shared birthdays with the Icon Michael Jackson I knew I was destined to write and perform.

Tell me something people don’t know about Britni Elise that you wish they knew.

My music explains who I am so I think the world will have a very good idea once they hear the album.lollol

Tell us a little about your management team at K-Lo Entertainment and what it’s like working with Kenny Lofton?

K-Lo Entertainment is Major League Baseball Player Kenny Lofton’s production company formed solely for “Britni Elise”. Kenny is an awesome person; he’s very involved in my career.

What was it like working with Harvey Mason? Did you work on your entire album together and when will it be released?

Initially I was nervous about working with Harvey Mason Jr.; he’s worked with so many of the greats. Harvey produced my entire album! He was there every step of the way; through the vocals, tracks, writing etc. My album “My Diary” is scheduled for release Fall of 2011.

Your new single, “I Miss U,” is truly beautiful…I saw the footage where you talked a little about the process and your emotions while recording the song. Tell us more about the emotions you felt while singing this song and how you dealt with it.

Thank you! I remember sitting on the couch in Harvey’s studio explaining how I felt to the other writers. I kept thinking “I’m never going to get over this guy. He’s horrible. But I miss him”. “I Miss U” is so sincere and that’s why I love it! It helped me get through that tough time and become 100 percent stronger as a young woman. I want it to do the same for women and men around the world.

If you HAD to choose only ONE song to post along with this interview, what song that you’ve recorded to date would you choose and why?

I’d have to choose “I Miss U”. I LOVE high energy performances and rocking out on stage but there’s something permanent and intense about a heartfelt song.

You recently opened for Katy Perry, you’ve performed on the red carpet at the BET Awards and more, who has been the most interesting person you’ve worked with to date and why?

I have a remix with Waka Flocka to my second single “Hello”; he was really fun to work with. Ahhsome energy (that’s how I spell awesome.. lol).

If you could choose one male and one female artist to sing a duet with, who would you choose and why?

I’d choose Eminem and Fergie. I’ve been a fan of Eminem for years, his music has no boundaries and that’s what I love! Fergie has a style of her own that I admire.

Outside of the music, “who” is Britni Elise?

Outside of music I’m always trying to spend time with loved ones. Family is very important to me. I also love movies, reading, swimming, online shopping etc. I’m an active person.

I met you through your philanthropic endeavors…your performance at a Haiti fundraiser, singing the national anthem and half-time performance for the youth outreach programs I work with…As you continue to rise as a star, is that something you intend to do more of and how do you plan to execute it?

Yes. I want to help anyone and everyone I can through music and example.

Do you feel that it is a celebrity’s responsibility to give back?

I feel anyone who’s in a position to help is entitled to but I’d never look down upon anyone who decides not to give back. It’s up to that person.

There is a 6 year-old little girl that recently wrote a book, “Not Fat Because I Wanna Be“, which has received much media coverage. The author, LaNiyah Bailey wrote this book because she was being teased and bullied by not only children but also adults because of her weight.

What advice would you give to youth like LaNiyah that are being bullied for various reasons?

My advice is to look yourself in the mirror and say “I’m fabulous because I SAY SO”. Confidence comes from within and no one has the power to take it from you.

What is next for Britni Elise?

I’m excited to say I’m opening for Fantasia July 30 in Jacksonville, FL and I’m looking to tour very soon.

Anything special you’d like to say to your fans? Are there any people you’d like to thank or acknowledge?

Thank you all for BElieving!!!!!!! Thank you K-Lo Entertainment, PJ, Kenny, Harvey and loved ones!

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You can pick up Britni’s singles “I MISS U” && “ROCK THIS” on iTunes along with “Satisfied” & “Hello”

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