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La Tasha K. Mason aka @Tash1216
Guest Blogger

I’m an obedient soul who loves walking in the depths of the minds of GREATNESS and humility.

With the Celebrity Features, my goal is to create a marriage between those who read the celebrity features and those that are featured. When I choose someone to interview, I look at more than their bank account, accolades, fame and notoriety. I look at their relevance and impact on not only their particular passion/career path in the sports, music and entertainment industries but also their ability to relate to those not “on their level,” whether it’s those that have exceeded their achievements or have not met or been exposed to them.

I look for individuals that are unique and multi-dimensional both professionally and personally. I’m intrigued by their commitment to their craft, success and personal integrity. I illustrate a balance of what the reader wants to know, what the reader needs to know, what the person being featured wants to share, what the person being featured didn’t know was important to share and what’s JUICY!

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