Young entrepreneur, and owner of AGJ Hair, London Keyes, has a lot going for himself. London has a great personality, extremely welcoming, and very big hearted. I can actually see London making it very far.

– Tracy
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At what age did you decide you wanted to start your own business?

At age 12 my father is an entrepreneur and I grew up in his shadows. I can say that I grew with his business. At the age of 12 I became the Vice President of Street Wise, LLC which is a landscaping business. The more I observed and shadowed my father, gave me inspiration and vision to be a business owner.

London Keyes, AGJ Hair

What made you want to sell hair?

I recognized there was a great demand. My auntie back in Michigan took me out to lunch one day when I was on winter break, she asked me what were some of the hings that were really trending? I told her fashion. She wanted me to think deeper than that, but I really could not think of nothing on the spot. Then she said London, ladies love getting their hair done, ladies will always get their hair. When she said that to me it quickly came to me that there is a high demand for good quality hair. She told me to really think about it. She also said that this could really help out with your career as a marketer. The ability to sell a product that I myself could not use. I knew that this business venture would be a challenge for me because I did not know anything about hair. Also the fact that I did not know where to start and I did not know if ladies were going to buy hair from a young African American Male.

London Keyes, AGJ Hair

London Keyes, AGJ Hair

London Keyes, AGJ Hair

What advice would you give someone young that is trying to start their own business?

• You must do your research to determine if there is a demand for the product or service
• Determine your target market
• Determine your location
• Set a budget
• Determination and drive is the key to understand that the business owns you; you do not own the business.

London Keyes, AGJ Hair

Are you a stylist?

No, I am not a stylist, but I do work with many different stylists around the USA. I work with so many different stylists because it gives me a better understanding on what is trending in the area that they are in. I also believe in helping others along the way. I know that I could not run my business without the help of these different stylists.

What are you studying in college?

I’m a Junior at the historical Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m studying  Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

What are your career goals?

My career goals are to continue to build my brand name. After graduation, I will strive to own the largest marketing firm in the world offering timely advice and cutting edge insight to help businesses expand. I also would like to start my own charity. I would also like to open up my own youth recreation center where we will teach kids that it is important to stay in school, strive for excellence and working hard.

Words To Live by: “You make a life, by those you touch”
Where are you originally from?

Detroit, MI. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I moved to Atlanta to further my education. My parents and my church family (Trinity Missionary Baptist Church) are really big on education, which is my reason for picking Morehouse College. I have never been homesick, but it is always a good feeling going back home on breaks to see my family and friends.

What was the process of getting a company to sell you hair?

I met with a lot of vendors to discuss hair texture, pricing and delivery schedules. Then I chose hair samples which allowed me to distribute to Models, Salon Owners and Stylists. After receiving their feedback, this allowed me to select which Vendor(s) to go with for my brand.

What made you want to learn about hair?

London Keyes, AGJ Hair

London Keyes, AGJ Hair

At an early age, my sister would go to the salon to get her hair done and it amazed me each time she returned because she had a different hair style; braids, pony tails, up do’s and curls, bouncy dos and with it came the nicest attitude. I asked my sister why she gets her hair done all the time she said that it made her feel good and she loves looking beautiful.

At that point I wanted to learn more about how a person’s hair could make them feel so good. Also just my auntie telling me that this could really help out with my marketing skills and being able to build relationships with a lot of different people.

Are your assistants in college also?

Yes, she is in College, as well. Without the help of my assistant it would be harder but, work would still get done. I grew up with my assistant, we really have a strong bond and we work excellent together. She a very smart young lady, we push each other to strive for nothing but the best. She is very neat and organized she is a very beautiful writer. She has always been there for me, even when things are real tough Or I do not know what I’m going to do next. Her wishes are to stay anonymous and I will respect that.

Do you plan on selling hair as your main job or will you always keep another job?

As long as there is demand, I will continue to sell hair, but it will not be my main job. I plan to own a Marketing Firm.

How old are you now?

Currently, I am 20 years old.

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London Keyes, AGJ Hair


London Keyes, AGJ Hair

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