Some artist are fads and others you see the star in them before they fully rise. Since Im in this position I’ve seen this happen one to many times. A lot of artist pride them self on not being the next gimmick or a one hit wonder. Trel Mack is one of those artist. In 2007 Trel dropped his debut mix-tape “Mack Of The Year” which was featured on many media outlets.

After a few setbacks Trel Mack is back to set the rap world by storm. I got a chance to kick it with the Trel Mack about growing up in Philly what inspired him to get into music and his current single “Dreams Of A Winner.”

For those who don’t know you tell them who you are and where you represent?

What’s good, I got by the name Trel Mack and I am a upcoming hip-hop recording artist and label owner holding it down for Philly.


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