A patrolman with the sheriff’s office in Lake County, Indiana, was indicted Thursday on charges of raping a co-worker, the state police confirmed.

Nicholas Medarno, 34, of Crown Point, was charged with rape, confinement, attempted rape and sexual battery.

An investigation into Medarno began in the fall of 2016 when the Lake County Sheriff’s Department asked the Indiana State Police to look into the allegations because it involved one of their officers, authorities said in a news release.

“The complainant was a professional co-worker of the officer,” authorities said.

Medarno has been with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department for nearly 11 years, authorities said.

Authorities said Medarno’s attorney was coordinating with the Lake County prosecutor’s office to turn himself in.

Upon his surrender he will require a $100,000 surety and will be held in lieu of $10,000 bond, authorities said.

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