I recently attended the AT&T “28 Days” event hosted by Actor/Rapper Common, with guest speaker Desiree Rogers. As you may know Desiree is a very powerful woman in the business world. She is currently, the CEO of Johnson Publications which owns Ebony & Jet Magazines and Fashion Fair Cosmetics. Most people know of Desiree from her stint at The White House.

She was thee ‘Social Secretary‘ from that controversial ‘party crashing – Salihi’s blow

…. Anywhoo, Gumbumper had the opportunity to bump gums on something more than that. We chose to go with a light hearted approach.

So that YOU our viewers would get a better look into the woman everyone’s talking about. I was able to catch up with her and ask her a few questions. She’s a really pretty, down to earth woman who by the way—even helped ‘little ole’ me pick up my change off the floor when it fell out of my coat pocket!! (priceless.)

– Alyssa K


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