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Tamar Braxton and Dame Dash are both using Instagram to express their feelings. Tamar’s got a message for internet bullies and Dame lashes out at a lawyer attempting to destroy his family. More inside…

Earlier this week, Tamar Braxton used her own platform on “The Real” (a show she produces) to discuss bullying and the impact its had on her life. Tears were shed by both she and her co-hosts. All good right? Wrong…at least on the internet. The trolls came for Miss Tay Tay and they were just as nasty as the bullies Tamar cried about (watch it here). So now, Tamar is responding to the new crop of bullies who don’t agree with her decision to talk about her feelings…on her talk show…during her segment.

If not then….when? People are also accusing her of bulying others and throwing the first punch, and crying victim when they clap back.

So Tay Tay said,

Tamar got a co-sign from her co-host Adrienne Bailon who defended her:

Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do…
Remember, No matter what you think or see, there is always something more to a person. Always something you don’t know about them.

My life has honestly been blessed personally knowing Tamar. She is a light. She is a friend that will hold you until you stop crying when your heart hurts. A friend you can call when you need advice, Someone you can truly trust. A friend that will take your hands and pray with you when there is nothing left to do. Encourage you along the way… And share tears with you in your happy moments.
Tamar, I KNOW YOU… And I love you.
Think carefully before you insult someone for who they really are. At least they are courageous enough to open up about it.

@tamarbraxtonher #WCW #SisterFriend
#TamarBraxton #StopBullying


In other responses…

Dame Dash (shown above with his emotional comfort dog Cookie) has an issue with ex-wife Rachel Roy and her legal team. Actually, his issue is more with her lawyer whom he accuses of driving a wedge between them (and their daughters) all so he can collect additional legal fees. Shady….

Somebody tell doofy donnell suares aka Turkey meat face that I moved @rachel_roy case to la so your fired and you won’t be getting legal fees from this case but I’m still gonna sue your bitch ass in a federal court for messing with my family and trying to rep both Rachel and Cindy at the same time and try to play with our business which I built for my daughters..yep he was reping both of them and telling Rachel to spend company money on her personal bills instead of court ordered child support payments without my knowledge so he could take me to court for legal fees…so sit around and wait for the action… And Rachel_roy this isn’t going to be a fight I will enjoy but you know I will fight to the death for my kids in a legal way of course…you see I got custody of @boogiedash because I’m a great dad and the world is about to know just how great I am and to all fathers that are doing the right thing just be patient the system will protect you its just a due processes but justice does prevail…wait till yall hear this bubblegum shit I been going through @wwd

Did you catch the message to Rachel? So much for them seemingly being on good terms and allegedly moving to LA together. It looks like this will be nasty and drawn out something….we doubt there will be a family bar b q for Memorial Day. Sad…..Someone hug Cookie for us.


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Photos via Dame Dash’s Instagram/Tamar Braxton’s Instagram

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