She’s soon to become the country’s youngest billionaire, but In-N-Out heiress Lynsi Snyder, has revealed her life has not always been fine and dandy.

The 34-year-old president of the burger chain opened up about her struggles with drugs, her failed marriages, and the death of her father, in a 10-minute video on Christian multimedia platform, I Am Second.

Synder was only 30 years old when she inherited 50 per cent of the California-based burger chain’s share and she’s set to inherit the remaining half of the restaurant on her birthday this year. 

She is reportedly worth $1billion.

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The 34-year-old mother-of-four opened up about her struggles with drugs, her father’s death, and her four marriages

Lynsi said her father’s death when she was 17 led her to look for comfort with other men 

Famously reclusive, Snyder candidly spoke of her father’s battle with drug addiction, his eventual death, and getting married at 18 years old.

Lynsi’s father Guy Snyder became the president of the restaurant chain in 1993, but had been in rehab for drug addiction when she was only five years old. 

Her father had an affair and her parents then divorced when she was just 12-years-old.

Relativity: Lynsi is the only biological heir to the In-N-Out fortune, but she grew up with two half-sisters (pictured) from her mother Lynda’s (bottom left) previous marriage

Guy Snyder then died in 1999 from a prescription-drug overdose five years later, when she was 17. She was his only biological child.

Lynsi Snyder, pictured winning the National Hot Rod Association’s Lucas Oil Drag racing series event in 2012. The 34-year-old became the president of In-N-Out in 2010

‘My world shattered. After my dad died there was no way I was going to be alone,’ she said in the video. 

‘He was gone so I had even greater reason to fill the void. 

‘I got married when I was 18, I had graduated a few months before that. 

‘It wasn’t right.’

Lynsi has been married four times and divorced three, and said each failed marriage led her into ‘the arms of another man.’ 

‘I started smoking pot, drinking, which were things I really wanted to stay away from after watching my dad. 

‘I realized I’m gonna follow the footsteps of my father in that I’m gonna meet an early death if don’t get right with God and follow him,’ she said. 

She inherited 50 per cent of her family business’s shares and is set to become one of the richest women in America when she takes full ownership on her 35th birthday this year

The heiress said ridding herself from drugs and alcohol was easier than letting go of men. 

‘Letting go of the guy was something different because I didn’t wanna be alone.’ 

She said after her then-boyfriend and second husband stopped abusing drugs, she got married again. 

Six years, two children, and another affair later, Lynsi found herself filing for a second divorce.

‘I couldn’t feel like a bigger failure at that point. I just couldn’t recover myself at that point. 

‘I was so alone, but it didn’t last long. I ended up in another relationship,’ she said. 

After marrying for a third time, she had her third child with husband Val Torres. 

She filed divorced in 2013 after realizing her ex-husband had married her for financial interests and had cheated on her for nearly four years.

The heiress said her failed string of romances had left her in a dark place which eventually forced her to let go and deal on her own. 

She said she was able to find her strength again through Christianity.

Lynsi married again in 2014, to a former employee of In-N-Out, Sean Ellingson. The couple currently serves the Los Angeles community through their foundation Army of Love.

She gave birth to her fourth child in late 2014. 

In May 2017, on her 35th birthday, she will gain full ownership of the burger chain which her grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder, first opened in 1948 in Baldwin Park, California.

Her uncle Rich Snyder, took over the restaurant after her grandfather died in 1976. 

‘Burger Princess’: Lynsi Synder reportedly bought her home from former L.A. Dodgers player Adrian Beltre in 2012

In 1993, Rich died in a tragic plane crash, six years before her father’s death.

Although In-N-Out became a massive success, the family hardly spoke to the media and were known to be very private.

‘We back away from it because we don’t wanna be in the spotlight. We don’t want a bunch of attention, and we wanna do what we do best here, and that is serve some good burgers to our customers.

The burger heiress pictured with her current husband. Lynsi said she was able to recover after finding religion

Lynsi and her husband live in California and serve the LA community through their foundation, Army of Love

‘It’s not about us here, it’s about this,’ Lynsi told CBS News in 2015. 

The burger chain is famous for its simple menu and has been known to be a favorite with celebrities. 

However, the restaurant only exists in six states, most of them on the west coast, and has turned down Wall St to remain a private chain.

Lynsi said the company will never go public because her heart is ‘totally connected’ to the family business. 

The burger chain was first opened in 1948 in Baldwin Park, California by her grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder

In 2014, the burger mogul revealed to Orange Coast Magazine she had been a victim of two kidnapping attempts. 

The first attempt was when she was 17 years old while attending high school in Northern California and again when she was 24, working in management of In-N-Out.

Lynsi said her kidnappers had a van with boarded windows and she fled across a highway to escape. 

She added that her experiences had led her to become private about her family matters. 


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