Ouch! A top level exec of Coach is in hot water. The Fashion Law reports that Joon Ma is under scrutiny for possible theft of sensitive company information and data.


Joon Ma, who served as Louis Vuitton‘s VP of Canada and Bermuda, left the company for Coach on April 4. “Prior to leaving LVNA for Coach,” Louis Vuitton charges, “Ma transferred confidential LVNA information from her LVNA laptop computer to several external storage devices, and then deleted files and emails from her LVNA computer and email account in an effort to cover her tracks.” Ma also violated the non-compete clause in her contract, which stated that she must not accept work with a competitor of Louis Vuitton for six months following her resignation. This seems all the more relevant given Coach’s new direction: high-priced, status-symbol handbags priced at up to $5,000.

lv vs coach

Louis Vuitton is particularly perturbed by the case because Ma was part of an elite group of LV executives that were not only privy to the company’s “most sensitive strategic plans and information,” but also knew “extensive confidential and trade secrets information concerning not only LVNA’s business but also the global business of the Louis Vuitton brand as a whole.” The company is asking Ma to return the confidential information, to cease working for Coach for six months per her non-compete, and for “well over $500,000.”

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