Tinyand Shekinah go bus shopping for their mobile hair salon.

Best friends Tiny and Shekinah come up with a new business, a mobile hair salon. But a verbal throw down ensues as they try to work out the details of this new venture, putting the entire business in jeopardy.

tiny shekinah

Anyone who’s ever tuned in to TI & Tiny could tell you that Tip’s the voice of reason, the kids are the comic relief and that the real deal, off the wall and unfailingly unpredictable action lies with Tameka “Tiny” Harris and her crazy best friend Shekinah. They’ve known each other since before Family Hustle, through crazy adventures, and after all the disagreements, there’s nothing these two wouldn’t do for each other — even if they do want to kill each other sometimes, if not most of the time. As if they’re not impulsive enough on their own, when these two set their minds to something, you never know what kind of wild ride you’re in for.

Now these two best friends are doing the unthinkable — setting out on a cross-country trip to launch a business of their own: a mobile weave salon.

Peep the full episode:

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