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Folks are talking about last night’s LAHH watercooler moment as Willie Taylor and his wife Niyana went back and forth about her making a possible return to the pole….so they can pay their bills! Watch it inside and check out Zoe Kravitz’s latest photoshoot.

Folks are talking about this week’s watercooler moment from “LAHH Hollywood” who Willie Taylor and his wife go back and forth about her making a possible return to the pole….so they can pay their bills! Watch it inside and check out Zoe Kravitz’s latest photoshoot.

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Monday, “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” cast member Willie Taylor, a former member of Day26, had a heart-to-heart with his lovely wife Niyana (aka Shanda Denyce) about their financial struggles. But this wasn’t a normal conversation between folks with money issues.

Back in the day before the Taylors left Chicago, IL and started a family, Niyana was a stripper. She says she made really good money. Now that the Taylors are in Hollywood and have several past due bills in front of them, Niyana is considering going back to the pole. Whoa…….NOT SO FAST.

Willie tried to completely shut down that idea but Niyana wasn’t convinced. A little back story, Niyana is an aspiring singer and was once in an R&B group with Apryl Jones (Omarion’s baby momma). Aen’t they all? There is also a scene where she talks to Apryl about their financial woes and Apryl tells her that stripping is a NO NO. Watch that play out at (23:40)

In the clip above, you’ll see a teary-eyed Niyana saying she’d do anything for her kids…including stripping. If times get hard, should she consider going back to the pole for the kiddies? Or we’re sure there are secretarial or retail jobs she could scoop up…

In magazines…

Yes…..Zoe Kravitz is becoming an international sex symbol. But if you shoot her in black-and-white, she can still pull off innocence. For the 10th anniversary of Wondaland Magazine, she showed off her softer side.

Inside, she rocks her bra and panties in a tasteful spread shot by Marlene Marino.

Zoe, an accomplished actress, singer and model, discussed what it’s like being a triple threat. “That was the way the entertainment industry started, if you really think about it. You used to have to be a triple threat to survive in Hollywood. You know, a Gene Kelly, or a Julie Andrews.”

In one candid moment, the star of Allegiant and Mad Max revealed that she is well aware that she’s been typecast…and she’s ok with that.

“I think It’s easier to be typecast. Like, ‘this is the coke-y/quirky chick, this is the black cult coke-y/quirky chick, this is the sexy chick,’ do you know what I mean? It’s true, it’s bad, but in the film industry, especially as a black woman, there is like a handful of us working, and then they kind of choose us like. ‘Do we want the sexy chick? Do we want that other chick? Do we want the rocker chick? Do we want the alternative chick? The lead roles are usually going to go to someone that is quote-on-quote ‘all- American looking’ you know? Friendly, and not going to make anyone feel uncomfortable.”

Zoe (who fronts the band Lolawolf) and her boyfriend Twin Shadow are hitting the stage for a joint show tonight in Orlando. Sweet.

Photos via Wondaland/Marino

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