Lady Gaga performed at the AMA’s last night with R&B superstar R. Kelly. Who portrayed himself as “President Kelly.” Kellz and Gaga performed their hit “Do What You Want.” After pantomiming a phone call in which Gaga asked “President Kelly” what he wanted for lunch (“Girl, you been working for me for six long years, you know what I want!” quote Robert Sylvester), an elaborate dance sequence inside the President’s chambers kicked off, with Kelly gazing on with piqued interest while resisting the urge to partake in any choreography. During the first half of the performance, Gaga nuzzled against the R&B icon’s ear and slid between his legs while belting her half of the duet.


“Who put these pictures on Instagram!” Kelly bellowed mid-song, holding up his phone before being shuffled offstage. The whole experience smacked of the singer’s “Trapped In The Closet” hip-hopera until Gaga ended the performance with a fiery rendition of the chorus, as video of the pop superstar playing the piano as a child played behind her. Eventually, that video was paired with screens that blasted headlines like “Lady Gaga Is Fat” and “Lady Gaga Is Over.”


Later on Gaga spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont wearing a revealing glitter outfit….


glitter gaga

glitter gaga1

2 gaga

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