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If you haven’t heard, Bow Wow (aka Shad Moss) and his fiancée live in the basement of his mother’s mansion in Atlanta. Why? Well, he believes it makes sense and he wants to be close by to make sure his mother is comfortable at all times. Deets inside…..

You would think by the time you reach 28-years-old, one would be ready to hightail it out of their parents’ home, especially if you’re engaged to be married AND star on a huge CBS television series. But, that’s not the case for rapper-turned-actor Bow Wow, who now likes to go by his real name, Shad Moss.

The “CSI: Cyber” star recently revealed that he still lives with his mother Teresa Caldwell. In fact, he AND his fiancée, “Love & Hip Hop NY” star Erica Mena, live with his mother…in the basement! Yep, he moved home girl to the basement.

But, there’s a method to his housing arrangements.

The 28-year-old star says “it just makes sense” to live in the 8-bedroom Atlanta mansion because it’s huge and it’s more than enough room for the three of them. He told PEOPLE, “First of all the house is too big, but I want to make sure my mom is comfortable forever.”

Apparently, the mansion is so big the basement is more like a condo. And if he decides to throw wild parties down there, his mother can still be home, and not hear a thing.

“It’s like I have a condo downstairs. I’ve had 100 people there and my mom has been asleep and has never heard the music, screaming, laughter, or drinking. I mean full blown house parties downstairs while she is in the bed asleep. So I’m staying right here.”


And although they say three is a crowd, it appears to work for Shad and his family. He says often times they’ll go days without seeing his mom because that’s how spacious the mansion is. He spilled,

“There’s times where I’ll be down there for three days and we don’t see each other so it’s like I’m out of town even when I’m here,” he says adding one perk of being so close to mom: “I don’t have to get in the car and drive anywhere to see her. I just come up the stairs and say, “What up, Mom.’ ”

So where exactly did Bow Wow come up with this housing situation? It appears, his mentor/producer Jermaine Dupri put him on to the idea.

“I remember when I first moved to Atlanta and Jermaine Dupree had the same situation. He took part of the house and his mom had the whole rest of it. I said then that I wanted to have the same set up,” said Shad.

If it works for them…who are we to judge? But it IS interesting Shad likes to floss so much on the ‘Gram talking about all the money, jewelry and cars he has….

Photo: Paul Costello/PEOPLE

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