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So it seems everyone seems to think FOX’s hit hip hopera is based on their lives. Find out what NBA baller Iman Shumpert said about the similarities between two of the show’s characters and Diddy’s sons claiming to be the real “Empire” inside….

Looks like everyone wants a piece of the “Empire” pie.

Cleveland Cavaliers baller Iman Shumpert seems to believe two of the characters from the hit FOX series are stealing he and his girlfriend/singer Teyana Taylor’s style. So who are the culprits?

Hakeem & his “industry girlfriend” Tiana! Hmmm…the youngest Lyon son does rock a high-top fade similar to Iman. And Tiana rocks the extra curly hair like Teyana, not to mention, she has the same name (spelled differently) and is an R&B singer. Apparently, those similarities were enough to make Iman believe the producers are ripping off their swag.

While chatting it up with Northeast Ohio Media Group, the baller admitted he doesn’t even watch the show (“I don’t watch that stuff, man”), but his family and friends put him up on the striking resemblances.

He said,

“I don’t see how they can deny it. Everybody knows. They’re using my girl’s character, her style, her look and she’s not getting anything for it. They didn’t even change her name. They could have at least let my girl audition for the part instead of stealing her character completely.”

Oh…ok. Then he goes on to say they were blindsided by it all and that producers should have at least called them up to let them know. He spilled,

“And come on man, they’re really using a guy with a flat-top like me. Come on. That’s ridiculous. They never called us. We were blindsided. We found out by our family and fans when the show aired.”

He added,

“Her fans are more mad about it than I am,” Shumpert said. “I’m a ball player, but that’s her field. That’s what she does. Me personally, I don’t plan on taking any action but I don’t know about her.”

Hmph. We do see SOME similarities, but we’re quite sure this is purely coincidental and it’s likely these characters were created long before the two began dating.


Diddy’s son Christian Combs recently took to Instagram to throw a pic of himself and his brothers Justin Combs and Quincy Brown. And interestingly, he captioned it with one word: “Empire,” implying he and his brothers are the REAL Lyon brothers. Well alright.

In other “Empire” news….

The highly addictive show is continuing its small screen dominance. Last night, Lee Daniels’ hit family drama captured 14.9 million viewers, marking a new high for the series. As you know, “Empire” will be coming back for a 2nd season and we have a few tidbits on what can expect for the forthcoming season.

First, there will be more episodes added, more than the first season’s 12 episodes. Woot! The actual amount has yet to be determined, but we’re excuted to be getting more. However, Lee is NOT feeling this and says he wants to fight it.

Also, they will be bringing in more African-American writers and Lee wants to incorporate more of the lower socioeconomic class African-American experience into the storyline…and less “extravagance.” Lastly, Spike Lee has reached out about helming an episode in the new season. And Lee is pushing to get Oprah Winfrey to make an appearance on the show. Get excited!

Photos: Getty/FOX/Iman’s IG/Christian’s IG

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