Singer/songwriter Keri Hilson was trying to bring attention to herself, it worked! Everybody’s talking about her shocking attire at yesterday’s Pepsi Jam Fan concert in Miami, Florida. Keri sauntered onstage wearing a shirt/dress thingy with NO panties underneath!   

Rumors continue to swirl that Keri is bisexual and carrying on a torrid romance with a close female friend who is married with children. The woman sometimes travels with Keri’s entourage and is said to be in Miami with her now.

But a source close to Keri’s camp denies the rumors. She says Keri is still in love with her longtime boyfriend whom she’s known since high school. “Unless they broke up within the last two months, they’re still together,” said the insider. The friend said Keri might have been instructed to keep her boyfriend out of the limelight which helped spark the bisexual rumors.

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  1. why do these women especially the ones who have talent have to stoop to this nudity crap? She has talent and out here trying to compete with the skanks! (smdh)

  2. OMG are you kidding me? That is really bad! Now who is her stylist? The know good and well that is not the appropiate wear for her to perform in! SMH

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