Warning: If you started a diet this month, stop reading now.

Everyone else who loves breakfast: KEEP READING.

IHOP is offering endless stacks of pancakes. And the price? Pretty tasty.

The All You Can Eat Pancakes event is happening now, but you have until Feb. 12 to slide into a booth and place your order.

The deal is good for dine-in customers only, and as you might suspect, you can’t bring five people to IHOP and order one never-ending plate of pancakes. Be reasonable.

How Much Do All You Can Eat Pancakes Cost?

We can’t guarantee your local IHOP restaurant is participating, so give ’em a ring before you show up in full hangry mode.

(While you’re looking up the number for your nearest restaurant, why don’t you sign up for IHOP’s email club? You get free pancakes on your birthday.)

Price varies, too. In the interest of accuracy and our love of breakfast foods, TPH called a few IHOP locations to get the skinny (ha!) on this deal.

A stack of five pancakes — you get to follow the stack with two more pancakes at a time on request — starts at $5.99, although some locations start their plates at $6.99.

Want more than just pancakes? Order a combo with two pancakes, eggs, hash browns and your choice of meat for $8 to $10, depending on location. If you can move after eating all that, you can re-up on the pancake part of your combo.

Is it Worth Paying for Unlimited Pancakes?

Trust me, IHOP is not worried about giving away too many pancakes. It costs approximately 4.5 cents for the chain to make one pancake.*

The question is whether you want to pay for all those pancakes.

You could get a box of just-add-water pancake mix for about $2 and make the exact amount you’re craving.

But then you’d have to cook. And clean. And make sure you have butter and syrup. And brew your own coffee.

At IHOP, you can roll up in your sweatpants, order what you want, pay the check and bounce. No prep. No cleanup.

Either way, you’re probably going to follow your meal with a nap.

*Totally uneducated guess.

Your Turn: Do you think IHOP’s All You Can Eat Pancakes event is a good deal?

Lisa Rowan is a writer and producer at The Penny Hoarder. Pancakes give her the sleeps.


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