Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea has landed the cover of Clash Magazine October issue. Check out what she had to say:

On doing interviews: “I definitely like to be able to speak and explain myself, with juxtapositions or from a left of field view that maybe a lot of other people perhaps don’t share, so it is good to be able to explain yourself at times. It’s good to have an open forum when you’re thrown a lot of questions and it’s nice for me to be able to answer them for people to better understand what I’m trying to do.”

On her personality: “I think off the mic I’m probably worse in real life actually! On the mic I’m toning it down a bit – in real life I’m much worse than in song! With interviews, I’m much more reserved. I think it’s because whenever I’m in front of a camera talking I just like to make sure I’m speaking in a way that everyone can understand and I’m getting my message across, and that music is the time for you to have fun. When I get the chance to explain myself I’m a bit more serious and thought out.”