Hey, Roommates! We wanted to take some time to honor some iconic couples in black television and movie history. However, we added a plot twist by describing these couples as a Zodiac sign! Tell us what you think in the comments!


Virgo – Shanté & Keith from “Two Can Play That Game”

Virgos have a very specific idea of how things should be done ESPECIALLY in relationships. In #TwoCanPlayThatGame, both Shamté and Keith manipulated each other to get what they wanted, which at the end of the day, was ultimately to be together.


Libra – Sidney & Andre from “Brown Sugar”

These two friends grew to fall in love with each other, but hella denied it for the longest. In the end, they made the right decision which can be difficult for most Libras.


Gemini – Yvette & Jody from “Baby Boy”

This couple was on again, then off again the entire movie! Sometimes Gemini can’t decide on what they want especially when it comes to love. However, they wouldn’t be with someone they didn’t like in the first place, so they’ll certainly ride it out until the wheels fall off.


Leo – Monica & Quincy from “Love & Basketball”

Both Monica and Quincy wanted to be superstars. Leo loves the spotlight!


Scorpio – Nina & Darius from “Love Jones”

These two obviously could not keep their hands to themselves! Nina and Darius are a true Scorpio couple.


Pisces – Angela & Marcus from “Why Did I Get Married?”

This couple was known for their constant bickering, but they were madly in love and, quite frankly, weren’t going ANYWHERE. Pisces can be moody, but they won’t end a real relationship over pettiness.


Aquarius – Overton & Synclaire from “Living Single”

Overton and Synclaire were so goofy and very much in their own world like many Aquarians.


Sagittarius – Jason & Lyric from “Jason’s Lyric”

Lyric was definitely a ride or die for Jason. Emotions ran high in this film!


Capricorn – Aunt Viv & Uncle Phil from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”

This couple did a great job at making sure they provided for their family and held a good job. Capricorn never lets that cash flow stop… which surely makes for a comfortable household!


Taurus – Martin & Gina from “Martin”

Martin and Gina were such an iconic couple for black culture! They both catered to each other and had a well-rounded relationship. I mean, there’s a reason why they’re everyone’s #couplegoals.


Cancer – Harper & Jordan from “The Best Man”

Harper and Jordan wanted to explore that “what if” just one more time… like a lot of Cancers do.


Aries – Justice & Lucky from “Poetic Justice”

Hot heads Justice and Lucky got off to a rocky start, but did a compete 180 once they learned to actually get to know each other. Aries will have to warm up to you before they let you catch them being vulnerable.



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