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Bagatelle employees are blowing the whistle on the eatery for racially discriminating against people of color. Details inside…

We’d like to say we’re surprised, but not so much.

Super trendy french bistro Bagatelle (located in the Meatpacking District) is being accused of using special codes for people of color and customers with the wrong “look,” according to a suit filed by two Bagatelle employees in Manhattan federal court on Monday.

According to the employees, when minorities came in they were assigned to Table 157, which is all the way in the back of the restaurant. According to the lawsuit, staffers call the back of the restaurant the “Ghetto Station” and customers were often forced to squeeze two people in a seat.

Oh hell no. Why they actually chose to stay and eat there is unclear.

According to the New York Post, staffers would write “DNA” on bills or the reservation book, which meant “Do Not Accommodate. “Ugly” customers were branded with “BO.”

Plaintiff Renato Barreto, who is still a Bagatelle server, revealed management wanted them to make undesirable customers so uncomfortable that they would never return.

“When you see African-Americans walking through the front door, we knew where they would sit,” Renato Barreto told the NY Post. “They would make them wait and wait and wait.”

When Renato addressed the seating with management, he was allegedly told “We don’t want them here anyway.”

The site also reported Renato, who has been a server since 2012, and the second plaintiff, ex-waiter David Kant, were subjected to “obscene behavior,” sexually harassed and mocked by the French workers.

The suit seeks unspecified damages and names Nicoud and several corporate entities.

SMH! We hope they sue them for everything they have.

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