Even though iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove is just 19 years old, her star status got her into an 21-and-over club in Hollywood just the same. Maybe being named the Highest Paid Child Actress in the 2012 Guinness World Records books has its perks?

Gumbumper learned, the Nickelodeon star had fun at The Magic Castle on Friday night. She was part of a group that included several people.

When the head of their group went to check in with the hostess, he was asked if everyone in the party was 21 or over. When he said no, she told him that only people 21 or older were allowed in at The Magic Castle. He then dropped Cosgrove’s name and the tables turned.
A few minute s later when the iCarly star pulled up in her Porsche SUV, she was immediately admitted.

It’s uncertain whether Miranda was served liquor or not while at the club. She’s not known around Hollywood for being a big partier.She is known, however, for her Nickelodeon role and for an up and coming singing career as well. She’s also known for earning $180,000 per episode during her iCarly reign. That made her the second highest paid child TV star ever.

Do you think people like Miranda Cosgrove should be given special privileges like entry into 21-and-over clubs? The club owner could get in big trouble for bending those rules. Do you suppose they’re bent for lots of under-21 Hollywood stars?

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