Officials are releasing few details, but given recent hazing allegations in Wheaton and Lake Zurich–Niles North High School in Skokie is taking the accusations of the “possible hazing” incident extremely seriously.

“Hazing didn’t really go on in the sports I was in so, I mean I’m lucky that that didn’t happen,” said former student Zoe Lance. “And if it did, I would speak up–I would say something.”

All varsity football games and practices have been suspended indefinitely and parents were notified via email Monday.

“It’s kind of scary,” said parent Rebecca Rios. “Not knowing what actually was done. I wish we got more details.”

Skokie Police Investigate Niles North Football Team Hazing Allegations

[CHI] Skokie Police Investigate Niles North Football Team Hazing Allegations

Principal James Edwards said in a statement Monday: “The safety and security of our students is our top priority. We have zero tolerance of hazing or even the threat of it. Because this is a matter that involves student confidentiality, we ask that our students and families be patient as the investigation unfolds.”

“We haven’t really heard much because the school can’t let anyone know, I think,” said senior Don Martin.

At the Skokie Police Department Tuesday afternoon, some parents walked their children in to talk to police about the alleged hazing incident.

Police say investigators will be interviewing students, athletes and coaches in the coming days.

Despite the ongoing investigation, some parents say suspending the varsity football program was too much.

“I think that’s kind of harsh,” Rios said of the suspension. “They take they’re football playing very serious.”

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