A convicted felon has stepped up to claim he was behind the 1994 robbery, and shooting of Tupac Shakur that fueled the bloody rivalry many blame for the rapper’s destroy two years later.  Dexter Isaac, now serving a life sentence for destroy, told AllHipHop.com that he robbed Shakur outside the Quad Studio in Manhattan in November 1994 on the orders of hip hop management mogul James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond.
He said Rosemond, the CEO of Czar Entertainment who manages Mike Tyson and Sean Kingston, paid him $2,500 “plus all the jewelry” except for one diamond ring Rosemond allegedly wanted for his girlfriend.

Issac went on to say he came forward with his confession because it has been weighing on his conscience and before he died he wanted it off…( like Hell it as). Unfortunately the statute of limitations of which a person could be prosecuted for the crime is up so this garbage apology is a little too late don’t you think? killers don’t have conscience, DUDE” you should pay with your life not sit idle in jail. Leave us a comment let us know what you think about dude coming forward this late in the game.

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  1. fake …..well since he is already sittin and eattin n jail………………give him the chair!!! Its time for his UGLY butt to lay down too! They were jealous…

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