New Couple Alert Lil Wayne & Shanell From Young Money 

Our sources tell us:

“Wayne  is so in love with that girl. I dont know what she did, but he is just mush when it comes to her.  He loves her drive, personality, and  the fact that she’s so talented.  She’s one of his best friends.”
 Shanell, or SnL,  is an American singer and songwriter, who was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended Tri-Cities High School, a school for the performing arts. Woodgette is also the sister of D. Woods from the pop group Danity Kane.

Hmmm…I just count Wayne’s escapades as him sowing his wild oats. I guess. I hope this one doesn’t get knocked up too soon. I swear he gives the name Weezy F. Baby a whole new meaning for me. But I digress. Good luck guys. Wait, what the hell happened to Nivea?!? Mr. Carter doesn’t know who he wants. But he sure is living up to his proclamation of  “wanting to every girl in the world.”

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