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Reggie Bush denies ever dropping MOLLY in the drinks of women he partied with – despite what Darren Sharper’s codefendant claims. See his statement inside and get deets into the police investigation into Nick Gordon.

As the rape trial of former Saints player Darren Sharper continues, Detroit Lions star (who is Darren’s former teammate on the Saints) Reggie Bush is speaking out, denying any involvement. We’ll explain….

Brandon Licciardi, the codefendent in the Sharper case, told authorities a story about seeing Reggie handing out drugs at a party in Las Vegas a few years ago. He said, according to the Baton Rouge Advocate and Yahoo! Sports:

“OK, um, I was in Vegas about three years ago and um, Reggie Bush put Molly in Champagne. He was handing out ‘Molly’ on the dance floor to girls. Handing it out. Like giving it to them,” Licciardi said.

“And how do you know that?” asked James O’Hern, an investigator for the DA’s Office.

“[Because] I saw it with my own eyes,” Licciardi responded.

Reggie’s lawyer Shawn Holley (who also reps Lindsay Lohan) was outraged that Reggie’s name had been mentioned in the case and strongly denies any involvement. She told the Detroit Free Press,

“This is outrageous. I can say to you on the record that Reggie adamantly, vehemently and unequivocally denies all of the statements in that article. We are demanding a retraction from The Advocate and Reggie is considering taking legal action.”

There is no investigation, there’s never been any complaint made by any person of this happening. It appears to be something that’s being stated by someone who is a criminal defendant in a serious case and looking for anything he can say to deflect from his own troubles. But there is not a shred of truth to any of this.”

So……is Brandon sticking by his story that Reggie allegedly dropped pills in girls’ drinks at a party? Not quite. Asked again later in court about Reggie’s involvement, Brandon backtracked…at least about seeing him do it.

“Reggie, yeah. No, I didn’t see him put it in the drink. He told me. And he said he was handing it to people, in Vegas. He asked me if I wanted some. And I was like, ‘I don’t do that stuff.’ ”

We’d like to reiterate, Reggie has not been charged or investgated for any wrongdoing and the Detroit Lions have not commented.

In other updates…

A recent round of reports reveal that police are now investigating Nick Gordon (shown atop outside of the hospital) after suspicious injuries were found on Bobbi Kristina. TMZ revealed that there’s an active criminal investigation underway centering on possible foul play and a possible altercation that occurred more than an hour before Bobbi Kris was found submerged in a bathtub.

We don’t know what types of injuries were allegedly sustained by Bobbi Kris but there is an alleged history of violence between Bobbi Krist and boyfriend Nick Gordon.

Max Lomas, who is credited with discovering Bobbi Kris in the tub and lawyered up quickly, told cops a very interesting story.

He reportedly said that he witnessed Nick cleaning up blood stains after he arrived at the home around 9 AM last Saturday (the day Bobbi was found). He says he hung out with Nick for a bit before Nick disappeared. He still hadn’t seen Bobbi Kris at this point.

Max claims a cable guy arrived at 10am and needed access to the bedroom – so Max let him in and discovered Bobbi Kristina in the [ensuite] tub. He screamed for Nick, who ran in and administered CPR. Now, Max’s lawyer wants immunity before he speaks to cops again, likely because Max has a criminal history involving drugs.

Meanwhile, Nick has also lawyered up.

We can also report that Cissy Houston has arrived at Emory Hospital with several family members (and a bodyguard) to visit Bobbi Kristina (see photos here). While some outlets have suggested that life support has been switched off, that news has been denied by the family. But Jerod Brown does confirm that doctors say the odds are against a recovery.


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Photo via Nick’s Twitter/Getty/Reggie’s Instagram

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