Last year we all remember the Fyre Festival that was scheduled to take place on a private Bahamian island. The music festival was organized by rapper Ja Rule and entrepreneur Billy McFarland.

However, the event didn’t go down as advertised and ended up pretty much being a disastrous experience for those that were in attendance.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hulu will release a multi-part docu-series about the attempted festival and will spill all the tea on what really went down.

The untitled project is scheduled to release in 2019, and it will examine “what really happened behind the scenes and the ongoing investigation into the failed music festival.”

The series will also “expose what went wrong and who is to blame.”

Local Bahamians, festival attendees, investors, and vendors will speak about the event through interviews about what really went down first hand.

As we previously reported, McFarland recently plead guilty to wire fraud and now faces up to 40 years in prison.


Roommates, will you be tuned in to see what drama went down on the island?



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