“Injuries are unpredictable, but we feel pretty confident with a lot of the things we’ve done. Going forward, there’s some optimism there,” said Pace. “There’re subtle things in the weight room and the training room. There’s things with sports science that we’ve done with player tracking, that we’re [going to] be using more this year.

“I think, hey, it’s a combative game; it’d be naïve to think injuries aren’t [going to] occur. That’s why it’s on us to make sure we stack our roster with depth, which, I feel like, we have better depth now, too.”

Five weeks later it is fair to fear the club may still not be able to stay healthy.

Please hear me when I say I have absolutely no reason to doubt or criticize the efforts of Breske, Gibson or any of the team’s medical and training staffs. It may be the club is doing absolutely everything it can and is just stuck in a run of lousy luck.

But after the Bears moved safety Deiondre’ Hall to the injured reserve list and re-signed defensive tackle John Jenkins, the club had already placed nine players on I.R. — and even that’s not the biggest problem. (H. Rick Bamman — hbamman@shawmedia.com)


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