An 8 year old girl was humiliated at her soccer tournament this past Sunday after organizers thought that she was a boy. They accused Mili Hernandez of being a boy who posed as a girl just to give her Oraha’s Azzuri Cachorros team an advantage.

The Hernandez Family even showed organizers the little girl’s insurance card as verification that she is a female, however the president wasn’t wavering in his decision and followed through with the disqualification. “Just because I look like a boy doesn’t mean I am a boy, but they don’t have a reason to kick out the whole team,” Mili told Fox 8 News.

To be clear, Hernandez is not a #transgender child and definitely identifies as the young lady that she is. She just doesn’t like like her hair long and explained that she will cut it at a certain length. “When my hair starts to grow, I put it short because I always had short hair. So I don’t like my hair long,” she said.

Little Mili didn’t let this incident get her down and plans to join other tournaments. She’s so good that she’s playing on the 11 year old team, so there’s no doubt she’ll be back on the field soon. You go girl! *does hair flip*

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