#Roommates, kindness and a little understanding can go a long way! A father from Houston recently chose compassion over anger when he sat down for a heart to heart with his son’s accused bully, and let’s just say it was a life-changing experience for everyone involved!

Aubrey Fontenot shared the experience on Instagram. He revealed that his 8-year-old son Jordan was getting bullied but his school wouldn’t do anything about it. So, he took matters into his own hands by having a heartfelt conversation with the young boy and found out he was homeless.

“I decided to spend some time with my sons school bully yesterday .. just to dig a little deeper on ”why?” .. come to find out he was being bullied for not having clean clothes n clean shoes,” Fontenot wrote. “Once again I asked “why?” .. just to find out that his family had fell on hard times and is currently homeless.”

“It started to make perfect sense,” he shared. “We have no clue what these children are going thru these days because a lot of us just don’t care ..and this is not a uncommon story for a lot of people.”

In response, Fontenot decided to take the young boy shopping. “I spent a lot of my day yesterday by shopping and teaching this young man about self respect. Integrity. Morals. Confidence. And other things that consist of going from a troubled youth to a great man.”

The dad went on to say we all come from different backgrounds but we all share the same goal of success. “I see wayyyyyy too much flexing and twerking .. club sh*t n etc.. not enough helping to our black community.. these young kings need us man they really do .. I can’t do it by myself .. .. you call yourself ‘woke’ but are you truly enlightened,” he asked. “Yesterday somebody called me a angel .. honestly I feel it now .. if anybody wants to help this young man my dms are open.”

The best part of the story is, both young boys are friends now!

#Roommates, this is the type of love and guidance we need more of today!

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