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Cam Newton has returned to Auburn University to complete his college career after promising his mother he would receive his degree. Peep the pics of Auburn students fanning out for the popular NFL quarterback and deets on Kelly Rowland’s recent outing with Baby Titan inside…..

Imagine you’ve just returned from Winter Break, ready to start the new semester in hopes of passing your classes to either graduate or move on to the next year and in walks a star NFL quarterback. Like Cam Newton! Yep…this happened to some students at Auburn University as the NFLer has returned to college life in Alabama to fulfill his dream of receiving his bachelor’s degree.

It’s offseason in the NFL, so Cam has returned to Auburn University in Alabama to complete his senior year, something he promised his mother he would do. As he returned on campus, many students were fanning out to see one of the NFL’s most popular quarterbacks actually sitting in a classroom and roaming around.

Cam returned to finish his final year after promising his mother he would complete his education at Auburn, the same university he won the BCS National Championship in 2010. After winning the national championship, Cam decided to forgo his senior year and the Carolina Panthers picked up for as a first round draft pick in 2011, the same year he was selected as the Heisman Trophy winner.

Now, he’s back at his old stomping grounds to finish what he started. A man of his word…loves it.

And like most seniors, he comes to class in sweats and sneakers as he struggles to stay awake. Ha!

He can hardly make his way around campus without someone stopping him to snap an us-ie.

And for kicks, here’s a video of two students singing “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction as a singing Valentine from the Auburn Wesley Foundation last year.

Check it:



1. New mom Kelly Rowland was spotted out and about with her three-month-old baby boy Titan Witherspoon. The fab former Destiny’s Child member was spotted pushing baby Titan in a stroller as they made their rounds in L.A. yesterday as she flossed her post-baby bod. Looks like Kelly will be celebrating her 34th birthday in L.A. as she will turn a year older tomorrow. Happy early Birthday Kellz!

Peep the adorable shots of a sleeping Titan HERE. Also, peep the cutesy video Kelly posted of a picture book from her baby shower above.

Photos: @ryandaly23/@cmu1143/@TaylorJohnson42/@mason_easterling

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