A North Dakota high school is cracking down on yoga pants, skinny jeans and leggingsAll are banned under the new dress code at Devils Lake High School.


The assistant principal says the new dress code is a way to prevent distracting teachers and other students.

“Not too hot about it, because that what everyone wears, that’s their whole wardrobe,” said senior Mariah Fixen. “So, basically sweat pants every day is what they’re asking for.”

The assistant principal said they had the girls watch two clips from the movie “Pretty Woman” and compared their attire to the main character … who is a prostitute.

Some say the school should be focusing their efforts on more important issues like bullying, social media, sexting and di*ck pics, and last but not least….teachers having threesomes with the students.

Do you think yoga pants should be banned in High School?

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  1. Shit they talk about Banning them in school, they need to ban them on the streets as well. Married men cant focus in the lottery line while a woman has those on showing every curve back there. That shit his confusing to us men but like Dave Chappelle said I cant Look away……LMAO hahahahahahah They be Phat Then a mutha Fugga Mane

  2. I totally agree with the banning of these Yoga Pants / Leggins. Its a big ass distraction to male teachers who are looking at these steroid-aged-girls who look older what they are

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