This article talks about every need for type 4 hair. 

2. Combat Curl Shrinkage 

Shrinkage is another common concern for type 4 hair and it can quickly ruin your styling efforts. When it comes to combating this pesky enemy, you can choose a few options like banding which stretches your hair out to avoid losing any length or blow drying at the roots to maximize volume while expanding the follicles with heat. There are even products aimed at helping you fight the battle of shrinkage. Check out Organic Root Stimulator Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Crème which helps to stimulate hair at the roots to combat shrinkage.

3. Wash and Go For the Win! 

When it comes to styling type 4 hair, the wash and go is still a great option. With your hair type and texture, you most likely have the type of hair that looks great without trying anything too involved or fancy. This is why the wash and go method is a great thing to master for type 4 hair. Here are a few great videos to help you get the hang of things.

Just because the wash and go can be a curly girl’s go-to doesn’t mean you should let yourself get in a style rut! Your hair is just as versatile as the other curly types and there are a ton of cute styles to experiment with. This video below shows a few of my favorite styles that are trendy and easy to do.

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