Russia Insider, a pro-Russia publication based out of Russia, was launched in 2014 and has had a slew of attention-grabbing, sensational headlines that pump up Russia and slam the U.S. While often times incredibly exaggerated and falsified, they are undoubtedly still entertaining.

Russia Insider’s founder, Charles Brausman, has been outspoken about how he believes U.S. news agencies generate a false perception of Russia because news organizations hire low-paid content writers who don’t know anything about Russia and have likely never been to the country at all.

Brausman’s frustration with U.S. news publications shines through in Russia Insider’s articles.

Here are some of Russia Insider’s most outrageous headlines from recent weeks:

“Repeat After Us: ‘Putin Has Hacked Every US Election Since 1789‘”

On the latest Washington Post story that made headlines this week:

“Washington Post: Trump Leaked ISIS Secrets to the Russians That Are So Sensitive, We Can’t Even Talk About Them”

“Treason? I’m With The Russians, They Hate Us Less Than The Media Do!”

They also poke fun on the U.S. blaming Russia for seemingly every issue:

“We’ve Just Seen the Biggest Cyber Attack Ever and Russia Wasn’t to Blame. How Come?”

“Rude Putin Played Hockey Instead of Answering 1,000 Questions About Something He Has Nothing to Do With”

“US Pilot Hailed as Hero After Not Bombing Hundreds of Civilians”

They’re big on foreign affairs:

“China Would Really Appreciate It If the US Could Stop Flying Bombers Near North Korea”

“Washington Post: Watch Out, Russians Are Using Humor to ‘Undermine the West’!”

“French ‘Proof’ That Assad Used Sarin in Khan Sheikhoun Turns out to Be Complete BS”

“Trump Plans to Cut Aid to Europe’s Cuddliest Neo-Nazis by 70 Percent But That’s No Reason for Joy”

“How ‘The Donald’ Proclaimed Himself the Empire’s Spanker-In-Chief, Killed His Presidency and Became a Laughing Stock”

They don’t mind making fun of the President of the United States’ family either:

“It’s Time for Everyone to Admit That Ivanka Trump Is Probably Evil”


“Earth Goes Dark as Thousands of Russian Warplanes Block out the Sun”

“US Now Relatively Confident Russia Is Not Trying to Annex Alaska”

“France’s Election Canceled After Media Crowns Putin Next French Emperor”

“Are You Into Slavery? Then You Should Definitely Be Backing US Regime Change in Syria”

“Science Confirms NATO Is a Baboon Troop, US the Twitchy Alpha Male”

“BBC: Moderate Syrian Unicorns Would NEVER Blow up Children”

Ironically, they’re tired of media sensationalism:

“Don’t Let the Media Make You Fear War With North Korea. Turn off Your iPhone and Go for a Walk”

“‘Small Hands’ Trump Drops Giant Explosive Dong on Afghanistan”

“Famous NYT Idiot Says: Leave ISIS Alone! Use It Against Iran and Russia Instead”

“Assad Rudely Points out That Gas Attack First Responders Are Either Liars or Magic Sarin Wizards”

“James Mattis Admits He Only Has 20 Brain Cells”

Russia Insider is also particularly outspoken about their disdain for “former Waffle House waitress” Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

“Millions of Television Viewers Drink Bleach After Nikki Haley Opens Her Mouth Again”

“US Lie Generator Nikki Haley Asks Reporters to ‘Focus on Facts’”

“State Department Finally Realizes Nikki Haley Needs Adult Supervision”

Screen Shot 2017 05 16 at 1.07.09 PM - Here Are The Most Hilariously Outrageous Headlines From The Pro-Russia News Site 'Russia Insider'

“Former Waffle House waitress [Nikki Haley] checkmates Putin,” one Twitter post says.

The article goes further into the joke.

“US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has only been on the job for a few months—but she can already read Putin like a Waffle House menu,” they write.Screen Shot 2017 05 16 at 1.09.55 PM - Here Are The Most Hilariously Outrageous Headlines From The Pro-Russia News Site 'Russia Insider'

“Nikki Haley used all her Waffle House charm to promote ‘humanitarian intervention’ at the UNSC,” another post from April says.

Russia Insider also has an ongoing Internet feud with journalist Louise Mensch, so much so that their Twitter bio reads solely: “Louise Mensch’s favorite Kremlin troll.”

Russia Insider’s pinned tweet shows Mensch made them the focus of her bio in return.

Screen Shot 2017 05 16 at 1.54.09 PM - Here Are The Most Hilariously Outrageous Headlines From The Pro-Russia News Site 'Russia Insider'


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