Tiger Woods will cheat on his wife again. Narcissists cheat because they are driven to find and sustain more and more. 

 Expert Sanjay Burman says, “Tiger’s speech was a fiasco and a complete showing of arrogance! Not only did he read verbatim but he showed no remorse, no sincerity, no emotion – his eyes were emotionless, his facial  expression never changed, even the way he touched his heart and pounded on the podium seemed choreographed. 

The way his eyes darted to his mother showed paranoia about whether or not she was buying his statement. I can see this is definitely not over for Tiger and I think within two years he’ll cheat again. Only his references to his children were genuine but he’s presenting a convoluted message in regards to his wife and I think he’s more concerned with how that situation could further impact his public image and endorsement deals.

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  1. Do you all think if Tiger Woods had a black wife that anyone would have cared. Michael Jordan cheated on his wife with plenty of white woman and I didn't see anyone making him apologize or pulling his endorsments. Shaq cheats, no one is making him apologize. Magic Johnson cheated. He only apologized because he got HIV and it was made public. Tiger should have told the world to kiss his Cablaisan ass.

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