Well, we all knew this was coming #Roommates. It was really only a matter of time but #HazelE has created an apology video that addresses her homophobic comments from yesterday during an interview with TMZ.

We all saw #HazelE and her boyfriend #RoseBurgandy go on a homophobic posting spree where Rose wished all gays a fiery death and Hazel cosigned for everyone to see. Well now that the heat has been turned up, Hazel is apologizing and claiming her comments were taken out of context…

In the 2 minute video, Hazel admits it wasn’t the smartest thing to do but also low-key defended her actions, saying she was enraged and really should have directed her frustration to one person instead of a group of people.

When mentioning the Bible, Hazel said “Do I think if two men are sleeping together they’re going to burn in hell? I’m not God. I can’t judge you and I will not judge you.”

It’s interesting Hazel is backpedaling now, given she seemed to have a very strong stance about her position yesterday. Since her remarks, ShoeDazzle has stopped working with her.

All we know is, a simple apology may not be enough this time. What y’all think #Roommates? To watch the full apology, click here

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2017/10/19/hazel-e-apologizes-homophobic-gays-burn-in-hell-comment/?adid=TMZ_Search_Results

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