Rumor has it that Joseline is not the only one getting a piece of Steevie J’s Beef Cake.


Does anyone really think Stevie J would be faithful to Joseline?  Did she really think she would be the only one?  Did she really think by putting a ring on it that she can teach an old dog new tricks?

Per Bossip “Word on the street is that some random woman in Atlanta is pregnant with his child.   Apparently, an aspiring artist named Promise B Mae is pregnant and the child is Stevie J’s. This is what the source told Bossip:


Apparently a friend of Promise B Mae, stated that Stevie J has been keeping her a secret and if he doesn’t get his stuff straight, she will be having an abortion. He doesn’t  want Mimi or Joseline to find out about her.


Stevie J is spreading his wild oats and he just married Joseline.  Check out part II of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta tonight…

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