After Harry Styles was spotted recently gambling his way through a casino, the question as to whether he was going off the rails or not was raised. Of course, doing anything in the public eye while you’re as ‘A-List’ as Harry is always going to be commented on. So how innocent was this gambling? Should it really be making us see him in a bad light? Or should he have started by visiting the online casino away from the public view instead?

harry styles

Obviously, we as ‘non-celebrities‘ visit places like a casino on a weekly basis. It’s a fun way to let our hair down, meet with friends, have a good time and potentially win (or lose!) a lot of money. It’s all in good humour. These reasons are probably the very same reasons Harry Styles also visited the casino. Being so much in the public eye, it’s easy to see why the topic of him being seen in a casino was brought up.

Anything that could taint his ‘good boy’ boy band persona could be seen as bad for his image. Aside from him being able to enjoy his time in the casino, there was clearly a reason for it being brought to light in a negative way. His managers and bosses have been said to have had words after he went crazy and lost a lot of money. Seemingly, he is addicted to the game, having got a tattoo of ‘lucky number 17’ on his shoulder. Should we be worried?

With a vast array of games available at Metro Play, it could be seen as the best way for Harry Styles to enjoy the bit of gambling, without being seen by anyone who can cast judgement. You can monitor how much money you are spending, or how much you want to spend in general by putting limits on it.

A few casino games here and there might be a better way for Harry to spend his time rather than blowing a lot of cash on the casino floor and getting a public ‘dressing down’ from his management. Sometimes being in the casino and around other players can set a higher morale and people spend more money by getting overly excited or want to show off. In the confines of your own home, there’s no other influence than your own. Maybe Harry should be gambling from his sofa for a while to deflect the idea of him possibly going off the rails.

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