Gumbumpers, like we said yesterday we weren’t claiming that the TI pregnancy story was true… we’d heard it all over the internet yesterday and from our homies over at Tattletailz but, you know how we do… We like to get down to the meat of the story!! Well, we caught up with the woman in question who is a partner over at Grand Hustle B/K/A Ms. Hannah Kang. Gumbumpers, we were praying this wasn’t true….

Hannah Kang 강하나 ‏@MsHannahKang 11h

Hannah Kang 강하나 ‏@MsHannahKang 11h

Peep this:

Hannah took to her Twitter yesterday and said:

Hannah Kang 강하나 ‏@MsHannahKang 7h

Hannah Kang 강하나 ‏@MsHannahKang 10h
Would never disrespect family. Or play myself. Where do y’all come up with this stuff? Lol.

Hannah Kang 강하나 ‏@MsHannahKang 11h
Don’t believe sh$t u read. Lmao ewwww why can’t a girl just work hard?

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