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If you’re a Tinashe fan, we’ve got a triple dose of the songstress. She sang the national anthem at the Dodgers Opening Day, dropped a video for “All Hands On Deck” and did a funny interview about her desires to touch Nicki Minaj’s boobs. More inside, plus Matt Kemp working it out on Opening Day…

“2 On” singer Tinashe has a new feather under her cap. Yesterday, she managed to pull off the national anthem at the opening day game between the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.

Performing in front of thousands is something the songstress has always dreamed about. During her recent Be You shoot, she opened up about how life has changed since she started recording hits:

“My life has changed dramatically. I am constantly on the move performing shows and meeting new people… I can’t go places I used to go all the time without getting recognized… fans wait outside of my hotel for pictures… it is really incredible.”

Check out her belting out the National Anthem below:

Matt Kemp, one of the Padres’ star players, also posted pics from the game, which also served as his big return to his former Dodger home. He captioned, “We’re just getting started. @padres #OpeningDay.”

He was also joined by his parents, as well as legendary (Brooklyn) Dodger Jackie Robinson’s family. He said, “Blessed to have my parents & the Robinson family at ‪#‎openingday‬ San Diego Padres.” Nice!

In addition to performing for Dodgers fans, Tinashe dropped her “All Hands On Deck” video on the same day.

The Ben Mor-directed clip was shot in Long Beach, Calif. and features some smooth choreography that takes place in a shipping yard. During one point, she and her crew are performing in suspended shipping containers at night.

She discussed the clip in Billboard saying,

“I feel like when you put yourself in a borderline dangerous situation, exciting things can happen. That shock value is always what you want to go for in a memorable video. We were over 100 feet in the air with no safety harnesses. Literally, we could have died. It was a thrill to make and I’m so excited for my fans to see this video. We really stepped it up, visually.”

But wait….there’s more Tinashe….

In the midst of everything else she’s up to, she managed to record an interview for Hot 97 with Nessa. Tinashe’s recently wrapped her European tour and she’ll join Nicki Minaj on her “Pinkprint” tour, starting July 17 in Dallas. During their chat, she revealed how she ended up on The Pinkprint Tour and why she won’t be working with Iggy Azalea.

“Well, I was initially confirmed to go on tour with Iggy this summer. And I was super excited about it. It was me, Nick Jonas. And then she postponed the tour. So, totally unrelated. I hadn’t committed to Nicki. I didn’t even know there was a Nicki Minaj tour yet. The tour was already postponed and I already had prior commitments in the fall. And I wasn’t able to go on tour with her in the fall, which is when it was rescheduled to. So, we couldn’t do the tour. Unfortunately, I had to part ways. And then after that happened, coincidentally, I got the Nicki Minaj offer…I’m really excited. I think the line-up on the tour is amazing.”

Also, Tinashe reveals that she hopes Nicki will let her grab her boobs while on tour. If that ish happens, it’ll make a nice clip for the VINE.

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