Halle Berry says she is tired of celebs publicly supporting movements like Black Lives Matter and complaining about racial injustice, but then doing nothing to actually bring about change.

During an appearance at the Cannes Lions Girls’ Lounge, the actress said, “In my world, I get so tired of people complaining about, ‘Oh black lives matter,’ and they pontificate and pontificate about it, and I say, ‘Well, what are you doing about that? It may not seem significant to you, but that’s how we start. Have you called your local politicians, have you written a letter?’”

Halle went on to say that they could miss her with the BS, adding, “When they say they’ve done nothing, I say, ‘Well, don’t talk to me … because you are part of the problem, because you are sitting here spewing negativity and complaining.’”

She concluded by saying, “I don’t have time for people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.”

According to Page Six, Halle has been in town meeting with tech and marketing firms as she prepares to relaunch her website and social media platform, Hallewood, next month.
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