Roommates, it looks like #Offset is about to get a heap of coal from #CardiB for Christmas! According to @FameolousIG, the Migos rapper is involved in a hacking scandal which has left his fiancé’s private nude videos exposed for the internet as well as his cheating vices aired out in the open.

Fameolous claims to have spoken to Cardi B herself and confirmed this tea. According to @fameolousig the naked woman was being recorded by the rapper back in a hotel room back in September. It appeared as though this took place after a performance in New York as his voice and bright yellow striped pants—which he wore onstage at a performance—give him away.

This footage has been leaked at an interesting moment as Cardi was caught following her recently-released-from-prison ex-boyfriend Tommy and posted these cryptic messages on her IG story and Twitter:

We don’t know what in the world is going on but it is creepy that earlier this year, Cardi felt that something bad would happen due to her having amassed a great deal of success so quickly. View her foreboding words below:

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