Tyrese Gibson is on a quest to bring back that “feel good, baby-making, girl I apologize, I’m ashamed for putting you through this,” classic Rhythm and Blues. The kind of music that makes you fall in love, makes you cry, and want to make love all in the same 4 minutes and 51 seconds.

Speaking of his #1 hit single “Shame” Tyrese adds:

“My song ‘Shame’ is my most personal song ever because I did some things to my girl that I was ashamed of. The song is not for fake people who have never done anything that they are ashamed of.”


I was honored with the opportunity to bump gums with the R&B Crooner himself, again, on another conference call. The call was moderated by fellow Gumbumper columnist, my longtime friend La Tasha Mason, who is also Tyrese’s Executive Assistant. The hour long call proved to be one that shed much light on why “Black Rose” may very well be Tyrese’s BEST, most TRANSPARENT, ALBUM to date. What makes Tyrese so real is that he is relatable, and touchable to people like me; Bloggers, Writers and people that have a voice and platform. Tyrese does conference calls every so often and thus being that ‘thing‘ that separates him from other artists. When your audience can touch you and actually speak to you, it makes everything more real. It adds passion to the pen.


One thing that Tyrese was very passionate about was equality in music. Tyrese stressed that it’s much harder for urban artists to be embraced on mainstream radio. Which is viewed as an indirect form of racism. And on the other hand it’s much easier for artists like Sam Smith, and his 20+ year friends, Justin Timberlake, and Robin Thicke who are basically doing the same type of music to be played on all radio formats. Tyrese was passionate when he told us that he ‘loves and supports‘ each of the artists mentioned. He also made clear that he supports ANYONE that works hard and grinds for their craft.


While speaking to Tyrese he would break out in live song, singing hooks from “Marvin Gaye, and Sam Smith” tunes here and there. We laughed, we joked, AND we got serious. We also had the opportunity to live vicariously through him when he talked about the making of this project. Tyrese was so transparent that it made you feel what he endured and experienced while undergoing a 5-year break-up, a 3-year custody battle, losing his longtime friend Actor, Paul Walker, just the ups and downs of life. And what Tyrese would exclaim “It was like having my legs being pulled from underneath my body.” Anyone with a heart shedded a tear or two on this call. It was raw truth!



Album Cover

And this is what brings me to the “Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Tyrese’s “Black Rose” Album

1. Tyrese was totally transparent on this album. He sang with conviction, soul, sadness, love, happiness and seduction on various songs throughout.

2. Tyrese brought back classic R&B music, which is a lost art AND it only ONE hip-hop feature. (Not that this is a bad thing) He brings back soul, beautiful riffs, and lovely falsettos.

3. Tyrese’s duet with Chrisette Michelle. Chrisette Michelle’s vocal delivery was honest and raw in the song “Don’t Wanna Look Back

4. The meaning behind “Black Rose” is synonymous with his life and upbringing in Watts, California. He views it as a black rose fighting its way through concrete and succeeding.

5. Tyrese went back to the basics with the marketing of this album. He didn’t let his pride and ego stop him from getting out and meeting the fans. He shook hands, hugged and met his supporters on the subways, buses, and stores. This alone gains cool points!

6. Tyrese created this project with his own money. He didn’t have a major label backing this project. He used his voice and platform to do this independently and right now he’s #1 in 15 countries.

7. “Shame” proves that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man saying he’s SORRY and actually meaning it. Along with the powerful, vocals of “Jennifer Hudson” who laced the backgrounds on this single.

8. Tyrese’s duet with BrandyThe Rest of Our Lives” makes you feel the pure love and togetherness of a beautiful couple. On top of Brandy’s vocals being soft, velvety and pure. Singing the highs and lows of love and making you feel every inch.

9. Tyrese’s project is accompanied by a book, documentary, and short film starring himself and Jennifer Hudson which was produced by Denzel Washington.

10. Lastly, as if those weren’t good enough get it because, this is Tyrese’s LAST and FINAL project!!!

So, these are the top 10 reasons why I think you should cop that album. You won’t regret it!!

– Toyiah Marquis

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  1. Wow! I’m really amazed of what he done without a major label promoting his album! Tyrese just started an new movement of being independent! I know it was hard but it paid off! Great job bro!

  2. You did that thang and I’m so proud of U. (Did you give Tyrese my address? Please let him know the key is under the flower pot. ?? )

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