Tyrese Gibson ‘Bumps Gums’ On His Businesses, New Projects & Talent He’s Currently Working With…

On Halloween, people around the world were celebrating with candy, cupcakes and costumes and posting them all over social media for others to see while Grammy nominated singer, Tyrese Gibson, hosted a series of media/press conferences via phone throughout the day.


He joked to the journalists, bloggers and other call participants that he was wearing his Halloween costume as he spoke to them on the phone. He may have been joking but in a sense with every transition of topic he became a different persona from Tyrese the CEO, to Tyrese the singer, to Tyrese the mentor and more.

Seige Monstracity

He didn’t have any tricks up his sleeve, but he had plenty of treats for his callers with EXCLUSVIE information on his many business ventures beginning with Gibson & Gibson Music Publishing as he discussed the newly signed music publishing deals with amazing hip hop producer, Seige Monstracity and singer, songwriter and producer, Kenyon Dixon, with both international and domestic reporters and bloggers.

Tyrese said:

“Basically, I just believe in these guys. I think they are too talented to be kept a secret. For me, I have a real opportunity and a real shot at being a part of two people’s careers that could really set new standards and create new energy in this game called music.”


Tyrese spoke highly of the diversity and quality of both artists’ work likening it to the unique capabilities of a skilled chef.

“I think of Kenyon and Seige as like chefs, musical chefs. (It’s like) They come in, and they say I went to culinary school so there is no limit to the type of food I make. You come in my kitchen and tell me what you have a taste for, give me a second, let me go cook it up, and I’ll serve it. And that’s very rare to make a specific request about music going in a certain direction and have a producer on the level of Seige Monstracity that can actually cook up some magic.”

Neither Seige nor Kenyon are strangers to the music scene having worked with the likes of Dr. Dre to T Pain to Busta Rhymes to Kelly Rowland and Usher. Tyrese says everyone is excited to work with both Seige and Kenyon.

Tyrese Black Jacket

When the conversation turned to Tyrese and his solo career, there was complete silence. We were all ears as Tyrese confirmed that while he is in Atlanta filming Fast and Furious 7, he is recording his upcoming and FINAL studio album, Black Rose. The two-sided CD dedicates one side to hip hop fans and features Tyrese’s alter ego, Black Ty. The other side of the CD caters to Tyrese’s R&B fans that fell in love with him all over again when he released his last album, the Grammy-nominated, Open Invitation. Did I mention that in the midst of all of this, he’s working on his next book and a 7-part documentary both also entitled Black Rose? The two-time New York Times Best-Selling author says we should hopefully expect the Black Rose Project to be released summer 2014.

Let’s stay on the black theme for a moment. Tyrese also briefly touched on the upcoming movie he’ll be starring in, Black Nativity, opening in theaters on November 27th. Of the T. D. Jakes produced film, Tyrese shares:

“It’s very spiritual and biblically based along with being a Langston Hughes play that’s been around for many years, and we have Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Hudson, Angela Bassett, Mary J Blige, Nas…Jacob Latimore is the star of the movie. This is just one of those movies that’s beautifully shot. It’s powerful. It’s one of them movies where you can really sit there and watch it and follow the damn story. Y’all know how confusing a lot of these movies are these days…(with) Black Nativity it’s very, very specific and really highlights and showcases me as a real actor instead of like chasing robots and turning over cars and doing big shootouts, so I’m just happy to be doing scenes with Forest Whitaker and Jennifer and these very, very talented people. They took my acting chops to new heights, and I think I’m gonna shock the world with this one.”

Fast And Furious 6

The treats didn’t stop there. Tyrese divulged information about his first artist signed through his record label, Voltron Recordz. The “First Lady of Voltron Recordz,” Kristal, formerly known as Lyndriette of RichGirl, “is going to change the landscape of music as we see it today,” Tyrese declares. Just finishing up an amazing photo shoot with highly sought after celebrity photographer, Derek Blanks, Kristal is gearing up for the release of her first single, Silhouette, in a couple of weeks. Kristal is managed by Mark Pitts, President of Urban Music at RCA Records. A follow-up media conference call will be held in the next couple of weeks introducing Kristal to the world.

Kristal - Main

Last but absolutely not least, the ultimate treat was the “Sweet Lady” singer announcing that he will be creating a clothing line for ladies entitled “Sweet Lady.” Why a women’s line as opposed to a men’s clothing line? “I just feel like I know what men want to see women in.” I imagine Tyrese also knows what he wants his sweet lady to smell like since the clothing line will be accompanied by a “Sweet Lady” fragrance. This being the first time Tyrese has spoken about the clothing line and fragrance publically, it was a sweet treat to wrap up the call with.

Gumbumper co-founders, Toyiah Marquis and Tracy, joined me on the call and summarized Tyrese’s accomplishments to him including Voltron Travel (www.VoltronTravel.com) and asked: Did you ever think you could accomplish so much at 34 years old?

Tyrese replied:

“I did actually. My mother told me when I was really young that she felt like I would be blessed with many talents, many gifts, many visions and ideas, but she said it’s very important that you don’t overwhelm people from hitting them with so many things at one time. So, I guess for me when I was young I was just trying to figure what my entry point was going to be and then it’s about strategizing how to use the energy and momentum from one thing to help setup the next and the next and the next and figuring out the right timing. So, you know, yeah. And as humble as possible, it’s one thing to be like oh my God this all caught me off guard completely or these visions and ideas have always been here. It’s just a matter of what’s the best time to make it happen.”

I’d like to add a VERY special THANK YOU to my interns, Dawn Carter and Denzel Stevens.

For more information on Gibson & Gibson Music Publishing artists or Voltron Recordz artists, please visit www.VoltronRecordz.blog.com

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