We told you that we would have some EXCLUSIVE never before heard celeb scoop & HOT Pics! Cameroonian Supermodel, Joyce Mandi who is also a GumBumper correspondent is giving it to you straight, no 2nd hand info — Gumbumper was VIP at various events for the NBA All-Star weekend in Los Angeles and below our very own Joyce Mandi is dishing… Pics & all. It’s ok to BUMP YOUR GUMS!

Photo Credits: Trae (Cheftrae’) Triplett, Diana Ligon (Your personal paparazzi) & Michael Wilson

Here’s the JUICE straight from Joyce’s mouth and MORE pics…

Gloria Govan, the very beautiful and always elegantly dressed fiancée and baby-mama to Matt Barnes came in hand in hand with him and some of their friends, including Suzie Ketcham, one of the wives from the reality tv show “basketball wives”. They came in while I was being interviewed by FLAWLESS media.

As Matt was being interviewed, and striking his rather shy poses in front of the camera, Gloria on the other hand was anything but shy…brandishing her engagement ring and very prominent alligator necklace. She has a very fun and bubbly personality, playing around and dancing on the red carpet, showing off the Chinese-writing tattoo on her back. The couple talked about how happy they were to be engaged but haven’t set a date yet. 

Matt also had his friend Rafi Anteby (who is the owner of the luxury fashion line, Shadang), join him for pics on the red carpet.

Suzie Ketcham talked about her main focus being on her multiple charities and her kids. She seems to always party with Matt and Gloria because I’ve seen then twice before at other parties.

Common came in with his entourage, didn’t walk the red carpet, but was willing to take a pic with me alone. However, my personal paparazzi’s camera didn’t flash but someone else took the pic but disappeared before I could get his card.

The 47yr old New York – born actor, director, producer and writer, Miguel Nunez who played in movies such as lethal weapon3 said he was feeling good that night and ready to partayyyyy. He loved everything about me and invited me to join him on the red carpet with his friend Jay Leopardi who himself is one of Hollywood’s big name producers and marketers with clients like Blair Underwood and Tracy Edmonds, just to name a few. He said he felt good about his career and that it was a blessing to have learned from people like Derek Raming, Jim Johnson, etc. He and Nunez both took quite a few pics on the red carpet before going into the VIP room to join the other celebs there.

Quinton Aaron was also at the event with a few of his friends. He is a very soft-spoken guy, like his character on The Blindside with Sandra Bullock. He was probably over 6’6” because he still seemed taller than me at 6’1″ with my 4inch high heels. Quinton was all smiles for the camera, said life’s been good to him and he’s working on several up-coming projects.

Brandon T.Jackson, the 27yr old stand-up comedian, actor and comedian who starred in “Lottery Ticket”, “Tropic Thunder” etc and whose role as “Junior” in the film “Roll Bounce”, won him the 2006 Black Reel Award for breakthrough performance, came in looking very sharp and cute in his black leather jacket. He expressed his desire to become the funniest man in America, without using cuss words and aspires to reshape the comedy industry into one that is motivating, uplifting and educative.

Lil Romeo walked up the red carpet into Boulevard3, looking like the hip hop power house that he is. He checked me out as we posed to take a pic together and said that I was his new wife. .I laughed so hard because of the height difference  that I messed up the shot. LOL… Lil Romeo had such sweetness about him with a smile that never left his face. Said he’s not a party person but came out for the boys. After taking pics on the red carpet, he checked me out again and said “DANG”!!! And disappeared into the VIP lounge. Everyone seemed to fall in love with him, including me because he was such a sweetheart.

Lil Mama came in looking all glammed-up in her little yellow dress and thigh-high boots. The very well known judge on America’s best dance crew, rapper, songwriter and dancer was being interviewed for so long; I thought she would never leave the red carpet. LOL

Nipsey Hussle, the Epic records rapper who appeared in the “We are the world” song last year and who was chosen as XXL Magazine’s “Annual Freshman Top Ten”, a selection of ten up-and –coming artists in 2010, walked into the club with a whole lot of bling. For a flip second, I thought it was Snoop Dogg It was clear to me that Snoop might be one of his idols and I got confirmation when I learned that he had appeared on the song “upside Down “on Snoop Dogg’s album, “Malice n wonderland”. He continues to have success since the release of his single “Feeling Myself”. He absolutely loves to pose for the camera!

Shannon Brown who is known for one of the highest vertical leaps in the NBA, verified at 44.5 inches, was surrounded by friends and bodyguards when he came in. One girl in his entourage looked almost like Rihanna. He was very gracious, clad in a black hoodie and very sweet as pics were taken of me and him and of him on the red carpet.

Lil Zane looked very casual. The Atlanta-Georgia raised rapper and actor posed briefly on the red carpet, while I was being interviewed and quickly went in to joint everyone else inside.

Harvey Walden, the drill instructor of the reality TV series, “celebrity boot camp” was spotted just hanging out with a group of his friends. When he got to Boulevard3 he was greeted by a lot of people before he went on the red carpet for pics. He invited me to join him in the pics. Said he was looking forward to next season’s show and also working on several different things.

Deray Davis, The stand-up comedian, actor and comedian, who has starred in movies such as “License to wed”, opposite Mandy Moore and Robin Williams, “The Cleaner”, “Imagine that”, opposite Eddie Murphy etc, was simply dressed in jeans and a grey t-shirt… Came in with no female companion but a handful of friends. He seemed to be having a very good time and enjoying himself.

FRIDAY at HAUTE night club in Hollywood (NBA pre-game party)

Alakazia, the noted hat designer who founded “LE CHAPEAU” in 2007 in a bid to “set the hat industry on its head”, came to the club with a very beautiful companion who could either be one of his models or his girlfriend.. That information wasn’t disclosed! The tall afro-centric brother had a presence about him that didn’t go unnoticed… Didn’t say a lot and quickly left the red carpet with his companion, but not before he took a picture with me.

Barry Floyd who played Tee Tee (Malik’s right hand man) on “The Game” and who was previously the set assistant on “Girlfriends” was out and about throughout the NBA All-Star wkend with his friends and some of the cast members of “The Game”. He was also at club Empire on Saturday for the NBA Baller Bash. Both times, he came across as a very simple, easy-to-get-along-with gentleman and very down to earth.

Cisco Reyes: The Puerto Rican actor who appeared in “Next Day Air” and “Feel the Noise” by Jennifer Lopez, starring Mos Def, Mike Epps, Debbie Allen etc, came to the event at Haute in Hollywood with his peeps and chatted with almost everyone before hitting the red carpet.

Lester Speight: What’s not to love about Lester?! It was so much fun hanging out with the actor and former American football player/professional wrestler. Speight has had appearances in shows such as “Prison Break”, My Wife and Kids”, Malcolm in the Middle” etc. It was an instant love affair between him and everyone who spoke with him. He joked with everyone, made everybody feel good and was very humble. He would talk jokingly into the camera, like he was gonna get into it…lol…and showed some dance moves on the red carpet, not to talk of his signature laugh on the “My wife and Kids show” as Junior Kyle’s father-in-law. He was also at the NBA Baller Bash at club Empire in Hollywood on Saturday. Although all the girls seemed to flock to him, he let everyone know he had a girlfriend and I found that very adorable, hence the question, what’s not to love about Lester?!

Reigndrop Lopes: The hip hop star and sister of the late Lisa “left-eye” Lopes of the group TLC, made her entrance into the club wearing a sweet red Japan-inspired dress. She was accompanied by a guy friend of hers, who could either be her manager, boyfriend, or just a friend.

Morris Chestnut, the tall and handsome actor from “Boyz in the Hood” and “Two can play that Game”, was also at Haute night club on Friday night, hanging out with the cast of The Game”. He came dressed in warm clothes, a suede jacket, hat and a cashmere scarf around his neck.

Wendy Raquel Robinson from “The Game “also arrived at Haute night club, basically dancing towards the red carpet. She was a joy to interview and take pics of, with her larger than life personality, She displayed some dance moves on the red carpet in front of the camera and when she spotted me, she went “ Ooooh, this is fierceness right here”…lol… She was very nice and friendly to everybody and everyone loved the vibe they got from her.

Right after Raquel came in, Hosea Sanchez, who played her son in “The game”, also walked right in towards the red carpet but Wendy was having so much fun and stealing the show on the carpet that, he saw that there was no room so he just proceeded upstairs into the club. He posed for a second for one pic and that was about it for him.

Dorian Wilson who played “professor Oglevee” on “The Parkers” was also out at HAUTE, partying on Friday night. For a second, I was scared to go near him, for fear that Mo’nique (Miss Parker) would appear from nowhere and haunt me down as she was known to do on the show to any woman who came near the professor…lol. Dorian seemed to be quite happy and looked fit and elegant in his grey denim shirt and black jeans. When we took a pic together, he held me so tight, I felt like my tiny waistline was gonna break. Lol… He’s definitely a handsome guy! With him was someone who looked like Mike Epps but I’m not sure.

Doug and Jackie Christie, the NBA power couple who were also at Thursday’s event at Boulevard3, also came to Haute on Friday, walking hand in hand. They remembered me from the night before and were very sweet about being interviewed and taking pictures. Jackie said I was very stunning and was very swift in reaching into her purse to give me her business card when I asked for it. She looked like she was happy and having fun hanging out with her husband. What a beautiful couple, I must say!

Chani Christie, the 17yr old author, producer, actress and model came to the event looking very pretty and serene, with her hair worn down. She’s still enjoying the success of her sophomore album “Lyrics and lipstick” and is set to release her book entitled “ A girl has to look good” this year.

H-Wood City, the recording artist and Hollywood socialite who appears on “The Real Teens of Hollywood” showed up at both Friday’s and Saturday’s events, with a group of friends. For someone who has worked for big names like Soulja Boy, Lil Kim, Master P and Lil Romeo, he’s definite a pretty down to earth and cool guy to hang out with.. Said he’s loving life and excited about what the future has to offer.

Gabrielle Dennis, the tv host and actress who has a recurring role on “The game” as Derwin’s pregnant ex-girlfriend was also at Haute with the other cast members of “The Game”. She wore flawless makeup, and looked really pretty with her hair to one side of her head. She got her interviewing going on with a few dance moves for the camera.

Marion H. “Pooch Hall” Jr, from “The Game” was one of the favorites of the night at HAUTE night club in Hollywood. He was signing more autographs and being asked to take pics more than most of the celebs and he was very nice about it… He joked about me and my height and him standing next to me, and I laughed so hard that none of the pics I took with him came out looking right. LOL. He came with the largest entourage and you could tell that he is a very sociable person. Definitely one of my faves. When it was time for him to leave, there was a commotion in the club, but his bodyguards and entourage surrounded him and escorted him out safely.

Malik Yoba, the actor and occasional singer, who is best known for co-starring as NYPD detective, JC Williams on “New York Undercover”, and a recurring character on “Girlfriends” was also out partying at HAUTE on Friday night. A perfect gentleman! He was very polite and carried himself with a lot of dignity. A man of few words but great presence.

B-Taylor The new sound of Motown, who plays four different instruments, and is a writer, producer and performer with a diverse background, was also at Haute club on Friday night.

We hope you enjoy….. Keep an eye out for MORE juice to make you keep bumpin your gums and keep coming back!!! More pics………… Check the gallery!

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