Miguel GB photo The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived! Yup, it’s the 55th Grammy Awards, creating a massive stir with the frenzy of the best performances the peer-recognized event has to offer. Every year since I was little I’ve watched this show (until it was time to go to bed for school the next day) then I had to record the rest on my VCR. It was no fun going to bed before the big announcement at the end was made becoming the center of news lines everywhere the next morning! The Record Of The Year or Album Of The Year. If it hasn’t already circled around yet, my biggest vote is and will be every time RCA/Jive Bystorm Contemporary R&B Artist Miguel.

It has been an exciting and nonetheless extraordinary year for the risk-taking, under 5’10 Powerhouse with his sexy bad-boy edged out 80’s throwback threads, (adding a nicely chiseled set of washboard abs) and body-quivering vocals that will have you screaming from the mere thrill of it all, which is by the way one of his top listens from his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream that was released September of last year. “The Thrill” is that one track that describes his lifestyle, those wild fun times, “It’s the thrill I feel my heartbeat racing. I can’t, can’t wait.” I love the anticipatory element the music and his lyrics suggest because there’s nothing like knowing what fun or excitement awaits you at any given moment in life.

This smooth hip-cat from San Pedro, California is the embodiment of hard-work just like the rest who have struggled to gain recognition for their own unique, genre-bending, and risk-taking moves in the world of music. Even though he received a Grammy nod in 2010 for his real “in the moment” song-writing for Jaheim’s “Finding My Way Back”, a true gem of his creative, thorough song-writing expertise, I’m sure he wasn’t prepared for the additional 4 noms this year has brought. 1 is exceptional enough but to have 5 is EXTRA-ordinary: “AdornSong of the Year, “AdornBest R&B Performance, “AdornBest R&B Song, Kaleidoscope Dream Best Urban Contemporary Album, and duet with Wale “Lotus Flower BombBest Rap Song. He is one unique individual and prides himself on knowing he is not a representation of a cookie-cutter shape-up of a mainstream music maker. He does represent the future and is aware of the impact his music will have on future generations. The goal is timeless classics that every age, race, and gender can appreciate.  Adorn is the song that will set this continued path of adoration and massive acclamation.

But lo’ and behold he stacks up next to big-timers like Frank Ocean Channel Orange, who he’s had mad respect for way before becoming the big names they are today. Both represent renaissance music men, breaking the barriers, challenging the “tried and true” standard that we know to be R&B, Rhythm and Blues. Not only is it meant for the “typical sexy black male heartthrob in the bedroom” but can be shaped and formed with the traditional sound as its foundation. We’ve all heard it before, now it’s time to test the waters with more mind-evolving material. The basis is still R&B; I mean c’mon, how can you part ways with soul music! Now it’s adding more in-depth, full coverage modern-day  subject matter, and experimental production to give it something out of this world.

Miguel doesn’t have to worry though about not being taken seriously, we’re balancing it out…and while still considering him a sexy “crooner” whether the word is played out or confining. How can we not be turned on by his movements on stage? It’s nothing short of mmm… (hmmm…Had a moment there!) The lyrical and song-writing attributes continue with John Legend’s “Tonight’s The Night” in Tyler Perry’s movie, Think Like A Man”. If you’ve heard enough of the highly acclaimed song-writer’s lyrics you can tell it’s his writing from lines like, “ Baby, tonight you need that, tonight believe that. Tonight I’ll be the best you ever had. I don’t want to brag, but I’ll be. The best you ever had.” Typical Miguel for sure and then there’s his duet with blazing Rap Artist Wale with his quick-wit sly lines that can throw many of us off-balance – “Lotus Flower Bomb”. Who can deny such a hot wavering track like that! “Lotus Flower Bomb, Firefly, when I’m low, she take me high. I can teach you all the sounds of love. We’re living in a fantasy. I feel it when you dance with me. It’s feeling like you need to be my lady, my baby”. Whew! Can you turn on the fan.

But on a serious note he speaks of, “Candles In The Sun” a more politically charged track on Kaleidoscope Dream that delves more into his expansive thoughts targeting the injustices and worldly hardships we can connect & empathize with. The topics are ranging and will continue to expand as he dives into more unseen waters whether gaining influences from the UK international front or partaking in the scene around him on his own turf, the US. Keep your fingers crossed with me Kool World. He’s been in the game since those trying teen years and has been waiting for this big break that every artist dreams of. It may actually finally be his time. From all his fans, including me, let’s hope that it is a Sure Thing! 😉 His performance of Song of the Year nominated “Adorn” with Whiz Khalifa is sure to be one you don’t want to miss.


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