#BlacChyna secured the child support bag for the next 18 years—however, it looks one of sis’ main sources of income has dropped since the #Kardashian family cut ties with her.

#Chyna reportedly went from making at least $30K a night in appearances when she was with #Rob—but now sis can barely crack $7K. Yikes.

Chy is turning 30 next week and is reportedly having a hard time securing the right bag fee for a club appearance. One would assume that having an 18-year-old boyfriend who can barely drink or enter a club legally may play a part in that as well—but that’s non of our business.

TMZ reports that a California promoter says he wouldn’t pay her more than $7K for an appearance because “Chyna without Rob is like Sonny without Cher.” Also reporting that a Miami promoter simply says he’s not coughing up more than $2K for Chy because she’s “not relevant anymore.”

Either way, get your coins sis!

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