Preachers of LA” star and gospel singer Deitrick Haddon is no longer with RCA Inspiration, a record label dedicated to gospel artists.


 After 12 years with RCA Inspiration, Haddon’s relationship ended with the  “Best of Deitrick Haddon,” which was released on Sept. 2 

Haddon put out six studio albums with the label. His best-selling project was “Lost And Found.”

It was revealed he had a child out of wedlock and he cheated on Damita, which led to a lot of backlash. His album sales suffered with 35,266 units even though his profile was higher due to reality TV.

But reality TV is what hurt his relationship with the record label. According to a source, his “antics on the reality show were turning off fans and radio programmers and they were concerned about their potential to have success with him moving forward.”

However, his manager Holly Davis Carter said otherwise:

“Haddon was not dropped. We had reached the end of the relationship and it was best that he move on. We appreciate what they contributed to his career,” she told


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