sun-sensitivityParasols are back–as a lovely, graceful fashion accessory for those of us who suffer from sun sensitivity. In my youth I enjoyed the hot rays of the sun all the time and had a gorgeous tan to prove it. But once I had to take a daily medication that makes me sun-sensitive, those days were gone. Poof!

Of course, dermatologists tell us that the sun’s rays can be harmful and we choose to believe them. Walk around any country known for its scorching sun and see women using all kinds of sun shades, including parasols. But many of us don’t choose at all. Especially those on some antibiotics and certain chemotherapy drugs. The kind that make us sun-sensitive.

So when I saw these beautiful sun protectors from Lily-Lark Parasols, I had to have one.  This design is called Taco (strangely); I loved it instantly. But it was hard to choose between all the different designs. I might have chosen ink-wash flowers or denim vine. Look at the variety for yourself, here.

I find mine to be made well, lightweight and a elegant fashion accessory.  Mine is the larger size, and it provides great sun protection whether I’m shopping at a farmers market, celebrating at a wine festival or taking Riley for a short walk.

Friends of mine who have lost hair and some of their sense of their own beauty would’ve loved having something this beautiful and fashionable to deal with the sun. Lily-Lark Parasols claims they have the most beautiful skin protection under the sun, and I agree.

They’re about the price of a good handbag, to put the price in perspective. Actually, on the lower end of the “good handbag” scale. So they’re worth considering. They’re designed beautifully, sturdy and are a treat to sport. Oh, and if you sign up on the Lily-Lark home page you might find some deals.

Chemo is hard. I’m all for things that help chemo patients and anyone, for that matter, feel as beautiful as they are.  This is one of those things. So here’s an idea: Maybe you have a friend going through chemo. Maybe there are a few of you in that group of friends or family. And maybe you might want to all pitch in and gift your friend this charming accessory. Just a thought.

For other ways to deal with the effects of chemo, see the downloadable audio I offer HERE for chemotherapy at A Healing Spirit and don’t miss all sorts of goods and services to support healing on the site, HERE.


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