The shooting started shortly after 7 a.m., ET, and witnesses described Hodgkinson’s weapon as a rifle. Paul said he heard a first, “isolated” shot followed by a “rapid succession” of five to 10 shots.

Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Mich., told CNBC that the first shot came “from somewhere behind the third base dugout and then the second shot came shortly thereafter.” They then “knew it was something real, so people started scrambling.”

“We are very fortunate. It could have been a whole lot worse,” he said.

Capitol Police and Alexandria police officers who responded to the scene exchanged fire with the shooter, according to Verderosa. Witnesses described dozens of shots ringing out before the firing stopped.

Brooks told CNN that he saw Scalise drag himself from second base into the outfield after he was shot, leaving a trail of blood 10 to 15 yards long. Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., told reporters Scalise lay by himself for “at least 10 minutes,” as people could not get to him amid the shooting.

“I wanted to get to him but there were still shots going overhead from both sides,” he said.

People helped an injured aide in the first base dugout, Flake later told MSNBC. They also made sure Texas Rep. Joe Barton’s 10-year-old son, who attended the practice, got to safety.

Barton teared up later Wednesday when he said he felt that his son “had 25 dads. Everybody out there was looking out for him.”

When they could make it to Scalise, Rep. Brad Wenstrup of Ohio, a former combat surgeon, applied pressure to the wound, Flake said. Wenstrup told CBS News that he “felt like [he] was back in Iraq.”

Trump said the Capitol Police officers “took down the gunman.”

Scalise was coherent throughout, according to Flake. The senator said he called Scalise’s wife so she did not hear about the shooting on the news first.

Scalise’s condition was critical and he would require further operations, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, a level one trauma center, said in a statement late Wednesday.

“Scalise sustained a single rifle shot to the left hip. The bullet travelled across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding,” the statement said, noting that the congressman had immediate surgery and an additional procedure to stop bleeding.


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