Dizzzam…. First Usher, Then Dez, Now the super sexxy and talented Mr. Morris Chestnut has taken the cover! Morris covers the November issue of Muscle & Performance Magazine.

Morris revealed that he dedicated himself to getting in shape to reprise his role as professional football player, Lance Sullivan, for the film “The Best Man Holiday” which I cannot wait to see. Morris says he lost over 30 pounds for the new flick. His trainer Mr. Obadike has a weight training program that was very strict. That combined with a rigorous diet made it happen. The way them abs are cut, my GAWD!!! lol — Morris contends that it was all natural with no weight-training drugs or supplements. Morris ended up achieving a 6% body fat rate (the BMI), which is a steep decrease down from 20% when he started.

According to Obi:

“Morris felt he had a gut when we started. He went from “gut” to “ripped”. It’s takes “getting into character” to a whole other level.”

Yeah, we believe…. Ladies what do you think?!


Morris Chesnut

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